Two minor suggestions for Tesla from a newbie

Two minor suggestions for Tesla from a newbie

1. When an incoming phone call happens your option is left - "ignore" and right - "answer". Seems like its intuitive to hit the first button you see (on the left and closest to the driver). This happens to be ignore, not answer. Would be nice if these were switched.....answer on the "left" and ignore in the "right"

2. On the instrument panel, when the blindspot alert is warning...currently we get a red line on the offending side of the visually displayed lane and the appropriate turn signal flashes green. Seems like a better warning would be to keep the red line and make the turn signal flash red (instead of green) while the object is in the blindspot, then return to green when clear to change lanes....also adding an audible alert would be nice (if that doesn't already exist).

Triggerplz | 8 juillet 2019

Anything else

DanFoster1 | 9 juillet 2019

1. I disagree. I am most likely to ignore a call when driving. Also spam and robo-calls are now an epidemic—I will only answer if the number is in my contacts—a new, legitimate caller will leave a voicemail.

2. There‘s no such thing as a ‘blind spot’—nearly everyone sets their outside mirrors wrong: they’re supposed to point to reflect objects next to the car, but almost everyone sets them to show a nearly identical field of view as that of the inside rear-view-mirror. Seriously.

jjgunn | 9 juillet 2019

"nearly everyone sets their outside mirrors wrong"
Not this guy!

Mirrors tilted out into the blind spot area.

Of course on a Tesla the rear facing camera helps with blind spot too.

TeddyJam | 16 juillet 2019

I totally agree. I was going to suggest some audible warning if my blinker is on and I am trying to switch lanes and yet there is a car in my blind spot, (Yes, blind spots. They've been around as long as I have and they do exist.)

So instead of having to look down at my dash for a red mark, a simple noise would be great if my signal is on and I'm about to change lanes into a hazzard.

bellpall | 17 juillet 2019

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ncwfsunshine | 14 août 2019

Thanks for your time to help out us New-Bie's