Customer service? Just fine, thank you!

Customer service? Just fine, thank you!

Just a nice post to let everyone know that, in my experience, Tesla customer support has been excellent.

We ordered all-weather floor mats for my M3P in early May. A week or so later, we got an e-mail stating that they had shipped. Nothing for two weeks.

I contacted Tesla, and they told me they had indeed shipped and gave me a tracking number. They are stuck somewhere in central NC. We contacted FedEx. They denied the tracking number and told us to make a claim. We did. They told us we need to fill out a claim form (remember, they have the tracking number and know where the mats should be). They didn’t send or e-mail us one. We asked for a claim form 4 times. They finally e-mailed us one. Then after we submitted the claim, they told us we couldn’t file a claim, since the mats were not ours. Tesla needs to file the claim (even though we already paid for them).

After all the bullshit with FedEx, we contacted Tesla again. They cut through all the red tape and just sent us new mats. Not received yet, but apparently on their way.

We contacted Tesla twice, with excellent customer support. We contacted FedEx on at least 10 occasions by phone and by e-mail. All we got was a clusterfudge.

So, FedEx or Tesla? I will take Tesla customer support every day and then some!

I love love love my car, and I love Tesla customer support!

One caveat, my Tesla is performing as advertised, so I can not attest to actual car maintenance/repairs. That is also a good thing, IMO.

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 juillet 2019

Its refreshing to hear how some folks in customer service take ownership of a problem and solve it. Kudos to that Tesla customer service rep.

M3phan | 9 juillet 2019

Our SC advisors and techs have been consistently courteous, conscientious, professional, helpful, and friendly. Top notch in our experience.

BuffaloBillsFan | 9 juillet 2019



We always get the stories about shitty service (see another post in the general forum), but never hear about exceptional service. I thought I’d share the good parts as well.

casun | 9 juillet 2019


gballant4570 | 9 juillet 2019

On the other hand, I've had a lot of problems with FEDEX. I had to threaten them with a personal boycott to get action at the end of last year. So far, I'm giving them another chance. The story above doesn't bode well for them....

jdcollins5 | 9 juillet 2019

Excellent. For all of the negative posts, it really is refreshing to read such a positive post.

My experiences with Tesla has been nothing but positive.

BuffaloBillsFan | 9 juillet 2019

Yeah, TESLA was not the problem in my case. FedEx sucks balls, as far as I am concerned. I never thought or expected that Tesla would send a new set of mats to me. Kudos to whomever was on the other side of my e-mails.


casun | 9 juillet 2019

i used to love fedex but i’ve had so many problems with them in the last couple of years.

vmulla | 9 juillet 2019

I'm another rock solid supporter of Tesla customer service.
Folks at Tyson's Service Center made it easy for me to deal with the many issues I had with my car. I'll say it again, the only thing better than Tesla's car is their customer service. They really try.

There's a fair bit of crap they take because the customer base is growing too fast for the representatives to catch up. Maybe true, but that's not because they don't try.

If someone is sincerely trying, that itself is a huge win in my book - outcomes may not always favor the customer.

terminator9 | 9 juillet 2019

Haven't had a need to contact customer support so far (other than not getting software updates and it started working right after allegedly them not doing anything but that issue was no biggie). Got an appointment in two days at the SC because the charger button (or the cord that plugs in to electricity) does the open the charge port anymore - lets see what happens. There were no rangers available when I was trying to schedule online but the SC is 5 minutes from the office so I don't mind.

Techy James | 10 juillet 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan like you I have had great response when working with the Tesla Support Customer Service.
My first experience was after a fender bender, the Tesla Certified Shop told me, it would likely be 3 to 4 months before parts would come in. I reached out to The Tesla Customer Support for verification and got response all but one piece had been shipped and the last part the Front Windshield was on backorder and expected in 2 weeks. Once the Windshield came back in stock about 2 weeks later, I was informed the item had been shipped and when it would be received by body shop. Now I can't say the same from the Body Shop. They did no work until the windshield came in even though they had all the other parts. This includes painting of parts that came in. They took another month to do work that was only slatted for total of 32 hours of labor, with multiple delays after promised dates.
The second time I contacted Tesla Customer Support was related to a question I had for a Shop items I wanted to order that was currently Out of Stock. They replied they expected item to be in stock in about another week, and once it was back in stock they emailed me to let me know it was in stock. I am glad they emailed me to let me know it was back in stock, because a few days later after I ordered it, I noticed it was now back in the not in stock status.
So far all my interactions with Tesla has been positive interactions.

@terminator9 I have had similar issues intermittently and normally for me, the issue mainly occurs if I am trying to plug the charge cord after the car has went to sleep mode. I found if I open Tesla App or Open a Door to wake up the car, the button on mobile cord works as expected.

rdh37 | 10 juillet 2019

I find the chat support to be hit and miss, though mostly hit. A couple of times my interactions have been less than optimal and require re-asking. However, once you get a good rep, service is stellar. My local service center, Rockville Maryland, on the other hand, outstanding every single time. Recent example,

A) Driver's side tail light developed severe condensation.
B) Stopped by SC hoping to make an appointment. Was told you cannot make an appointment in person, use the app. Seems strange to me but ok.
C) Tried on PC to make an appointment, the SC did not show up as a choice. Called the phone number on the site for when SC is not available for an online appointment. All the phone number did is give you a recorded message saying use chat. What a waste.
D) Tried to schedule with iphone app, received error "Failed fetching service appointment list."
E) Used chat, got an excellent rep after a 30 minute wait (yes, I timed it). Got me an appointment at my preferred time two days later. This was entirely unexpected since I know how busy the SC is and I explicitly told the rep this was not an urgent matter since the car could still be driven. The rep also told me that he would arrange a loaner. Again above and beyond since I told them I would wait at the SC if the repair would be under 2 hours. Also, that if the repair would be more than 2 hours I would go back home and come back later i.e. that I did not need a loaner.
F) Showed up for my appointment and got checked in quickly, as usual. Now for the minor fail. The SC told me that the repair would take less than 2 hours so, as stated, I said I would wait. After 1 hour, my car had still not been moved into the bay. I asked the service writer and she stated that there had been some kind of mix up and they had not gotten to my car yet. Well, this was kind of obvious. So I stated that I would go home and pick up the car later. That is when the rep then told me that they had no loaner. Somehow, the request for the loaner got "lost" between the chat rep and the SC. She apologized profusely and stated more than once that she knew it was a hassle but all she could do was offer me Uber credit to get home and back. She seemed genuinely relieved when I told her that this was more than acceptable. I imagine that she is used to being yelled at by people when things like this happen. I was glad I was able to not be that person.
G) In the end the car was not ready until mid-afternoon. I picked it up the following morning since traffic in that area is incredibly bad mid-late afternoon. They replaced the tail light assembly and all is good.

Have a nice day.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 juillet 2019

"She seemed genuinely relieved when I told her that this was more than acceptable. I imagine that she is used to being yelled at by people when things like this happen."

Thank you

cmh95628 | 10 juillet 2019

My service experience was great! They sent a ranger (who I told he has my dream job, driving a Tesla all day) to my work to fix a minor blinker issue. The two times I ordered things from the online Tesla Shop they were both sent correctly and promptly.