Amazing Tesla Safety example video!!!

Amazing Tesla Safety example video!!!

Make sure you have sound on also.

Joshan | 10 juillet 2019

Seemed to pick up cross traffic pretty well, further showing the FUD spread around here is #FakeNews. Bet the guy in the truck wishes he was in a Tesla.

vmulla | 10 juillet 2019

There's no way to tell if the driver was using AP, or where his foot was ;)

If you're going to doubt the integrity of the videos, it should be for everything :)) Right?

@Joshan, I'm not doubting the video you shared. I'm just making a separate point.

Mike83 | 10 juillet 2019

EAP makes Teslas the safest vehicles anywhere. FUD is for liars. The truck flipped over while stationary illustrates the problems with top heavy ICE vehicles.
Both of our Teslas have FSD and we wouldn't buy anything else.

Joshan | 10 juillet 2019

@vmulla fair enough and I agree. from looking at the video its pretty obvious they are not AP as they are the first car in line at a red light and it is accelerating too quickly. It is the emergency braking. No one else stops for seconds after the Tesla, not a single person. As they were actively accelerating as you can see.... well the video kinda speaks for itself.

TabascoGuy | 10 juillet 2019

I think the reaction time was too fast for it to have been the Tesla driver. None of the other cars around him stopped or even slowed down.

Of course, he could have been the only one paying attention. There are still a couple of those types around.

jonabramson | 10 juillet 2019

AP doesn't need to be engaged for the Emergency Braking System to operate. You just need to make sure it is enabled under autopilot. It's all on page 92 of the manual.

jonabramson | 10 juillet 2019

I'd add that I'm pretty sure when I'm using AP, my car doesn't accelerate from the intersection that quickly. Perhaps I'd have to agree that EAB stopped this car though based on what I see of the reaction time. Although it is possible the driver saw the car coming in his peripheral vision and hit the brakes. But the driver would likely have to have been looking left instead of forward to see that car coming from that direction.

jjgunn | 10 juillet 2019

Cross traffic!!!

jordanrichard | 10 juillet 2019

Ummm NHTSA deemed Tesla’s the safest BEFORE they even had AP1. Don’t forget the basics here. No matter how many electronics aides and air bags a car has, if the structure of the car isn’t built well, all that stuff means squat.

kevin_rf | 10 juillet 2019

Uuuummm didn't this video come out a while ago? I think this is just repackaging of an older video.

leo33 | 10 juillet 2019

It uses a video that I've already seen an example, but this video is more than just that.