Tinting Model 3 Windshield

Tinting Model 3 Windshield

We recently purchased our Model 3 (Elonia) and we tinted the back half of the sunroof and all 4 windows in 5% (limo) and it's amazing! Would 100% recommend. However, we realize the windshield is in definite need of tint in the 120 degree sun we have here in Arizona. Was wondering if anyone has tinted their Model 3 windshields (of course people HAVE), and what darkness has proven to be appropriate (or which is not!) Help appreciated!

raqball | 17 juillet 2019

Getting mine done today.. I went 30% all around and 70% on the windshield..

My son has a Challenger Hellcat that he did in 5% windows and 55% on the windshield.

In my opinion 55% is way to dark but he likes it. I'll report back later this afternoon after I get mine, at 70% back from the tint shop..

Buzzkill | 17 juillet 2019

I put ceramic tint on all the windows including 70% on the windshield. It makes a huge difference.

TickTock | 17 juillet 2019

My tinter recommended Spectra Photosync for the windshield and 3M Crytstalline for the rest. Best to be subtle on the windshield since any tint below the AS-1 line (~4" from the top) is illegal.

pkmantmc | 17 juillet 2019

I'd recommend solar reflective type, instead of absorptive. One reflects the heat, the other absorbs the heat, which will still creep in once saturated. Ask any good tint dealer about high transmittance reflective type. They know.

One negative thing about reflective type; it's metallic and may weaken your cell signal. However if you only tint the windshield with metallic and other windows with non-metallic, it won't matter much.

Buzzkill | 17 juillet 2019

Depending on the state you live in will dictate the legality of the tint. I also looking into using different brands after getting a ridiculous quote for Crystalline here in SoCal. I decided to drive about an hour away to save about $600 for the entire car using ceramic tint.

See Sarkis @

He specializes in Tesla Model 3 and to date the work is flawless. Lots of photos on the site and really a good guy.

jamespompi | 17 juillet 2019

I also have 5% all around besides the windshield, but this hot FL summer is making me consider the windshield now as well.

markr7 | 17 juillet 2019

Don't use 3M Crystalline; This is one of the cheapest mass-market tint films on the market.
Many tint shops use it because of the high markups it allows them.
Spend a little more money & use a high-quality tint.

howard | 17 juillet 2019

Huper Optik Ceramic 80% on the windshield. 40% on the roof, back hatch, all side windows. Huper Optik has some of the best heat rejection without making the glass overly dark. Expensive but worth it at least to me. Probably the 6th vehicle I have done.

Syed.Hosain | 17 juillet 2019

Agreed with @howard.

Definitely use Huper Optik instead of any darkening films - this will solve the heat problem without making the car windshield illegal in many states.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

Those of you putting stuff on your windshield and complaining the car does not work well on AP or EAP functions (talking to you howard) are creating your own problems.

Syed.Hosain | 17 juillet 2019

Point. However, I think you can put HuperOptik on and completely avoid the camera points that are used with AP and EAP.

lbowroom | 17 juillet 2019

M8B. The tint does not get applied to the portion of the windshield where the camera and sensors are.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

Darkening or tinting the glass, anywhere on the car, can void factory warranties.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

The process requires a third party to be working on your car. Just the work required to put the stuff on can cause issues.

jimglas | 17 juillet 2019

@M8B: Why would tinting windows void a factory warrantee?
(An honest question)

Syed.Hosain | 17 juillet 2019

Ok. Not that I know what darkening would void the warranty, but Huper Optik is a good option. Little to no perceptible darkening, but keeps the cars cool in hot areas very well indeed.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

People have complained of spontaneous window cracks after tint applied. Theory is that heat buildup and shrinkage of of the tint film or coating causes too much stress.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

Drive in to a TESLA shop with cracked glass and tint applied and they have an immediate excuse to not listen to any claim that the glass was defective.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

People have also had tint shops stain interior trim by using too much water and materials used for install and try to blame TESLA for "leaks".

markr7 | 17 juillet 2019

Also agree with using Huper Optik Ceramic - This tint is great!

lbowroom | 17 juillet 2019

M8B - in this case, your comments are really close to hysterical FUD

howard | 17 juillet 2019

M8B, really you are just over the top here. What is going on?

As lbowroom the tint does not affect the cameras or sensors. I have been doing this for a long time. Never had an issue at all. Use a high-quality film and install shop. There are typically only a couple of Huper Optik shops authorized in a metro area and they are the best to use. Period.

Take your over the top fears and warnings elsewhere.

Syed.Hosain | 17 juillet 2019

Huper Optik does not *absorb* heat, or shrink, or stress the glass of a windshield in any way.

it is ceramic and only reduces the *transmittance* of IR wavelengths - virtually *no* reduction of visible light.

Folks in hot climates (like Arizona) have been using it for decades. Not only with their cars, but houses, commercial building windows, etc.

Works very, very well.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

@lbowroom Hysterical

jimglas | 17 juillet 2019

good to know
Perhaps that was the cause of my drivers side window vaporizing one winter morning
I cant remember not tinting windows on any new car

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

The addition of aftermarket stuff to a car puts the owner of the car at a disadvantage. At a minimum it can often cause contentious interaction and become a three way between car owner, aftermarket installer, and new car seller.

This "grey area" of the magnuson-moss warranty act is "grey". So yes I am putting up FUD to inform others about the problems that can happen by adding aftermarket stuff.

lbowroom | 17 juillet 2019

M8B - any of the possible complaints that people may have stemming from applying window tint, or the car wash using the wrong soap, or anything else that is considered normal and causing the window to crack for example are nonsense claims, and I cannot base my decisions or live my life base on anecdotal nonsense. I have to base them on facts and general logic.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 juillet 2019

Google "window tint voids car warranty: or some permutation of such. Many accounts on many car forums can be found. Additional issues include EMI interference (one I did not think about). Here is one of many accounts:

pkmantmc | 17 juillet 2019

Heat is an energy and when it strikes on glass, only three things can happen; transmit, reflect and absorb.

All window tint from reputed manufactures should display full solar energy specs of % of transmit, reflect and absorb, tested to industry standard. For these, there's an calculated Total Solar Energy Rejected %, or TSER. Make sure you ask dealer for specs and look for a tint with reflection % higher than that of absorption %, and look for TSER.

Highly visible tint rarely gets above 50% in TSER, those that do are the priciest. Do not rely solely on IR-rejection data as some questionable brands may display. It's not the complete picture.

ODWms | 18 juillet 2019

I’ve had every one of my cars tinted since the late 70s and never had any cracking or problems. I’d imagine the stuff I got back when I was a teen was the rock bottom worst in terms of tinting technology, and even at that - nothing.

To each his own. But for me. I do my research, use the best quality product and appliers and I’ve gotten the best results.

@raqball - my setup is the same. I also got 30% on the roof glass. As always, awesome results.

bddaughe | 19 juillet 2019

When I had asked about tinting, the person said he doesn't do Tesla tinting because liquid involved in the tinting went down and fried the computer.

This links to a forum entry here:

Something to consider...

sky-pilot | 19 juillet 2019

@Buzzkill, AcutintPRO is also within driving distance for me as well. What did they charge for the whole job?

howard | 19 juillet 2019

bddaughe, This is the importance of having a top-notch installer put a high-quality film on. They will put a liquid absorbing rope down in void below the windshield and will use as little liquid as possible. I had no reservations whatsoever about my windshield being tinted.

kevinpham_tx | 19 juillet 2019

I used Spectra Photosync, which is a more expensive brand than Huper Otik, with 70% on windshield and roof, 30% for all windows (back window got half 30% and half 70%). It made a big difference in comfort and it looked better for me too. It seems to lower the road noise a bit and lower about 10-15 Wh/m. However for the windshield (only for the windshield), it has a bit of a film grain shiny when you drive in the direction against the sun in early morning (only in early morning). But for me the benefit of reducing the heat out weights much more than the little film grain shiny in the early morning. It does not affect visibility.

mpratola | 19 juillet 2019

I did mine, it is a huge difference in heat rejection. No more burning steering wheel or screen when left in the sun, and can run the AC at a less cold temperature, which is more comfortable for me. I did all the windows except the rear glass to save some money. Absolutely worth it.

Daryl | 19 juillet 2019

I'm in Phoenix, and did my windshield 70% 3M Crystaline. The installer said he had experience with Teslas and knew how to protect the computer under the windshield.

Worthwhile. Driving into the summer sun before was uncomfortable, much better now.

TickTock | 20 juillet 2019

Tesla changed the wiring harness routing so that any water that does make it past the rope no longer drains into the connector of the computer. Pics here:
It used to go straight down (see later posts in the thread). I stuffed some maxipads in the cavity before taking mine in just to be extra safe but there was no moisture I could detect after the job was completed (Cactus Tint in Scottsdale).

ODWms | 20 juillet 2019

If you’re going to do the windshield — or any tint on your windows period — make sure they are well versed in Tesla’s and in Model 3s in particular.