New 250 kW Superchargers open in Las Vegas

New 250 kW Superchargers open in Las Vegas

According to, 24 new 250 kW Supercharger stalls opened just off the Strip in Las Vegas today. Interestingly, these don't show up on Tesla's own findus map.

CharleyBC | 19 juillet 2019

Someone should go check it out and report back!

ronocoug | 19 juillet 2019
mpratola | 19 juillet 2019

I will be traveling back to the mid-west via Vegas later next week, eager to try it!

pkmantmc | 19 juillet 2019

Will be there on Labor Day. Will give it a try.

CharleyBC | 19 juillet 2019

Extensive thread on this over on TMC, including lots of photos:

Kary993 | 19 juillet 2019

This is very cool in that there is 1 MW of battery storage filled by Tesla solar panels....truely all renewable energy station!