Why is Roadster 2.0 incompatible with the original Master Plan?

Why is Roadster 2.0 incompatible with the original Master Plan?

The New Roadster does not seem compatible with the master plan, item 3. to wit:
"Use that money to create an affordable, high volume car".

Rather the New Roadster goes in the opposite direction, toward limited release, exotic automobiles of interest strictly to the wealthy buyers of such vehicles.

I submit that Tesla should for consistency also be developing a small, light, incredibly fun-to-drive roadster that is as affordable as a Mazda Miata.

Sure, it would be great for Tesla to also have an extremely limited number of ultra-high performance cars that could go up against the Nio Nurburgring lap record, which is likely to be eclipsed soon by the Pike's Peak record-holding Volkswagen ID.R, and other similar halo cars.

But what about the rest of us?

Please give this some thought, Tesla...

andy.connor.e | 22 juillet 2019

The Model 3 does 3.2s 0-60.

The Model S does 2.4s 0-60.

Roadster 2.0 does 1.5s 0-60.

They get 24/7 FUD, and are under 50 metric shittons of pressure. Buy a car

Xerogas | 22 juillet 2019

@Thom EM: you want them to drop the pickup truck, while they’re at it? And solar, and utility-scale electric? Full self-driving wasn’t part of the master plan, nor was a nationwide charging network.

There are a lot more Honda Accords out there than there are Mazda Miatas. Model 3 is the Honda Accord of EVs. Roadster 2.0 is the Acura NSX halo car. I bet Tesla’s budget for developing the Roadster 2.0 is far less than other companies’ advertising budget, so let’s just agree that Roadster is advertising, not product.

andy.connor.e | 22 juillet 2019

"The point of doing this is to just give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars." - Elon Musk

This having already been said, i find it difficult to understand why you posted this topic.

Tesla-David | 22 juillet 2019

I personally love the Roadster 2, even though I know it is not in my future. For me it definitively demonstrates to any and all EV doubters that EVs are better than ICE. Tesla is doing incredible work to make EVs and renewable energy mainstream. | 22 juillet 2019

I'll also add Halo cars are often testbeds for tech that moves downstream to mainstream cars. It's a great way to demonstrate tech that perhaps is too expensive today for most of us. As they learn to make it in volume, the prices drop and the tech can be added to lower priced cars.

Consider fithteen years ago, ABS, traction control, stability control were only available on halo cars. Now it's standard on most cars at any price.

Glad Tesla is working on a wide range of desirable cars. Consider the legacy car companies, where very few are made that are desirable at any price (to me anyway).

TranzNDance | 22 juillet 2019

It contributes to the mission. Trickle down tech benefits the masses eventually.

nukequazar | 22 juillet 2019


re. "demonstrates to any and all EV doubters that EVs are better than ICE."

I still forget that there are people who don't understand this.

About five years ago I wrote on my personal Facebook page, "Prediction: Within ten years, electric cars will dominate the market. They will be the fastest cars, the most luxurious cars, the most efficient cars, the most expensive cars, the coolest cars, although they may not be the cheapest cars..."

Just four year later, the Model 3 was the best-selling luxury car of 2018.

nukequazar | 22 juillet 2019

@Thom EM, what's great about Musk/Tesla is that he/they decided not to make weird, little, kooky, nichey electric cars. Instead they decided to make a line of great cars that happen to be electric. Now it just happens that electric motors beat the crap out of ICE's in just about every way so a supercar was inevitable.

jimglas | 22 juillet 2019

I want one
if they offer FUSC I will trade in my P3D- for one
I really dont care if it "fits the mission"
It fits my desire

NKYTA | 22 juillet 2019

I’d trade in my house for one...if my wife let me. :-)

SamO | 22 juillet 2019

Please film when you ask her. (Anticipates getting popcorn) ;-)

NKYTA | 22 juillet 2019

Ah, right. You’ve met IRL. ;-)

SamO | 22 juillet 2019

I just asked to put the deposit down at the reveal so I could get a ride (with a promise to request a refund within 24 hours) and I was glad that I was discussing this over the phone and not face to face. ;-0

blue adept | 22 juillet 2019

Alright, what the literal frak is going on in here and who is this clown @Thom EM?!

Earl and Nagin ... | 22 juillet 2019

Clearly, the Roadster is not Tesla's highest priority, however, as some have called it its a phenomenal halo car and a test bed for greater things.
Just think about what "SpaceX" mode would do for the family car that hits black ice? I believe that does fit within the master plan: Let the wealthy happily pay for the development, then roll it out to the masses?
It should be easy to make a profit on since it will undoubtedly borrow parts from the mainstream cars. Maybe it can be a reward for good engineers who take on the mundane tasks necessary for profitability, i.e.: The first 20 engineers who can design $10 out of the price of the Model 3 get to work on the Roadster for their next assignment.

David N | 23 juillet 2019

@Thom EM
Well, if you extend your logic out even further than the Roadster, then Tesla should stop making the S and the X.
I think your being a bit too narrow in your logic.
If Tesla’s goal is to bring about change, then the new Roadster is indeed part of the plan. See, Elon stated that the purpose of the new Roadster was for once and for all put to rest what is the best, fastest sports car in the world. If indeed the Roadster captures that title then it makes sense that the Sports car world will be in be “awe” of the performance and capability of this Roadster. The vast majority of high end sports car owners have their cars for one reason, speed!
Sounds like the Roadster will not disappoint , hence , tremendous press and media coverage, hence, the media coverage will inform the entire high end sports car segment that the best one available is electric!
Changing people’s mind is a huge task, and the new Roadster does indeed fit in as a part of Tesla’s plan.

TabascoGuy | 23 juillet 2019

@OP - The New Roadster does not seem compatible with the master plan, item 3. to wit:
"Use that money to create an affordable, high volume car".

That was the purpose of Model 3. Seems you're a bit late to the party.

andy.connor.e | 23 juillet 2019

Dumb thread. Flagged

Techy James | 24 juillet 2019

The mission was to prove that renewable powered vehicles could compete at all levels. We started with a Roadster 1.0 as a premium Electric car to show electric cars could be cool. Then we move to the Model S, now they can be great luxury sedans. Next the X to fill the need for a premium Crossover. The Model 3 was the opening to prove they could be made to be more affordable starting at 37,500 to fill the need for the masses. The Roadster 2.0 does have a place in this picture. As all pure sports cars, it's a true profit car for the company. It will likely have the highest profit margin for Tesla so while the numbers will be very limited, the profit potential will be much higher per unit produced. Even at a 1,000 M3's to 1 Roadster the profit for Roadster will balance the sheets more than the 1,000 M3. All at the same time being a foundation for new technologies in batteries that will eventually work its was into all Tesla's.

andy.connor.e | 24 juillet 2019

Mission goal is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. Every avenue of transitioning from fossil fuels to electric satisfies this goal. Roadster 2.0 competes with supercars. Dont need a Lamborghini anymore, can get a Tesla. It all contributes. Not sure what the point of this topic is about, other than displaying their misunderstanding of the true goal.

carlk | 24 juillet 2019

What mess market car are you talking about? Mazda sells less than 10,000 Miata's a year in the US. That's barely a niche car. Like others said Roadster will be the final straw that leaves nothing for ICE car hold outs to hang on.

blue adept | 24 juillet 2019

Please excuse my earlier outburst, I've grown somewhat intolerant with those who post commentary like they know what they're talking about while all the while revealing that they actually haven't a clue at all, but are far too high on their own hype to listen or even consider the truth/facts.

+1 to everyone EXCEPT @Thom EM