Can we get a CCS Adapter?

Can we get a CCS Adapter?

Kind of just posting this here to get some more visibility as it’s known that Tesla sometimes reviews these forums. I have reached out to them several times with out much luck until recently when I was told that the adapter was made in the past (guessing when they brought demos to Europe) and customer service would submit a feature request on my behalf to see if they can make it available to the public.

Long story short, I am in the US military and my family and I got orders to Germany. No big deal right? Well, the Tesla chargers here have the Type 2 (Mennekes) and CCS 2 cables. So unfortunately we aren’t able to travel very far in Europe without being able to use the Tesla Supercharger network. Were 1 of several families in this predicament. And surprisingly there’s quite a few US spec Tesla’s here in Europe period from early European adopters that had them imported.

On the bright side, the Chademo adapter was released for the Model 3 and opened up some options for us. But Chademo is far from superior.

In the past, during an update on the supercharger network status Elon claimed that “you can virtually go anywhere..wherever you go in the world, if there’s electricity, you can charge” but I don’t think that’s purely true. There are adapters which I did buy for the UMC to charge at home and the Chademo Adapter ($700+ later...) but this still leaves us turning to our ICE vehicle for road trips. It was in the plans to buy another Tesla, but sadly we will have to depend on the ICE vehicle at least for the next 4 years.

I could totally understand why they wouldn’t put the adapter into production (possible lack of customers), but I bet if they took pre-orders, they would be pleasantly surprised.

And as a side note It would also be awesome if they offered the SAE CCS 1 adapter. During my time looking for a solution for Europe, I noticed that adapter is highly sought after as well. I wish all EV’s were universal as with ICE vehicles, but were not there yet! It is a non-issue with any ICE vehicle, you simply go to any gas station of your choosing as we do with my wife’s car.

It wouldn’t take much to solve with adding a few more adapters to the fleet. And the solution isn’t near as complicated as the Chademo. More or less the same as the Type 2 to CCS adapter they recently released in the EU.

Thanks for hearing out my PSA. In no way am I complaining, I just want to highlight some downfalls that could be remedied for the future!