3 Months with a Model X following 6 years with the S

3 Months with a Model X following 6 years with the S

jimglas | 25 juillet 2019


lilbean | 25 juillet 2019

3 years with Model X following zero years with S

wang5150 | 25 juillet 2019

it's obviously breath-taking....

2015P90DI | 26 juillet 2019

Disappointed to see an empty post. Why post that title with no info. After owning multiple S's and 3's, I'm trying convince myself to buy the X. The headline of this post gave me hope to read some useful info from someone making a similar change. I guess I'll continue to hope and have to figure it out on my own!

Al Cantara | 26 juillet 2019

Well, I can chime in here. I had a Model S for almost 3 years and just did the switch to the Model X about 2 months ago. I took the bait and got an inventory X at the end of May when they were offering free supercharging. I absolutely LOVED my Model S, but the X just grew on me so much that I had to have one.

I love the driving position. Higher. Great visibility. I absolutely love the windshield and the feeling of openness. My Model S was a rear wheel drive 75. Having the 100D with dual motors....amazing. You really feel the difference. I took it down to San Diego (I live in LA) this past weekend. Such a great road-trip car. My previous S had AP1, and my partner has a 3 - so I was familiar with Navigate on Autopilot...and while it can be glitchy at times, I really enjoy it. My S was red...and my X is red. But I have the white seats now....which are amazing.

No regrets moving from the S to the X. Both are great, but honestly, I love my X more.

johnse | 29 juillet 2019

I've had my X for 16 months now. It's in for service at the moment and they gave me a RWD S60 as a loaner. It reaffirmed my decision to get the X. I'm not as limber as I once was and the S is difficult for me to get into and out of. Easy Entry mode helps, but the higher seating position in the X makes it much easier for my (and my partner) to get into.

I didn't expect to like the auto-present driver's door, but I really do like it :)

GranpaJohn | 30 juillet 2019

@2015P90DI - I'll chime too. 2016 MS75D, 26 months 61K miles, switched to 2018 MX100D December 2018 and LOVE IT! #1 Happy wife, happy life. She rarely drives it but loves the space and comfort vs the MS.
#2 like she said 88 cubic feet of cargo space is just shy of a full size Suburban.
#3 like Al said the windshield view more than makes up for the sunroof.
#4 and as Johnse remark, I'm much more suited physically for the X. My first Tesla ride was in the Roadster in 2011 and there is NO way I could do that today.
#5 Falcon wing doors, fold down seats, and 300 mile range takes the sting of not looking like a sports sedan.
#6 kept the same plates "Gas No Mo" is still her name. Still Red with Black interior and still being a Tesla evangelist every chance I get.
#7 and finally; Newer technology was worth the switch. Not Raven but you can't wait for everything. New FSD computer will be coming and every update is eagerly awaited. But then you know that.

I would urgently say do it but ultimately it's your wallet.

inconel | 30 juillet 2019

2.5 years of X after 2 years of S. Short summary: S is great for driving, X is great for family road trips.

gtimbers | 23 août 2019

For some reason I can't post. I can sometimes reply. Contacted the forum several times but no action was taken.

gtimbers | 23 août 2019

I just tried to post again and it was denied. I don't know how the website can tell the difference between this and my essay!

volefen | 24 août 2019

I don’t have any data on it, but based on the common sense science behind it, you will have minimal losses, nothing to be concerned about. Not like towing a trailer, more like having an extra passenger.

mayg | 6 octobre 2019

Hello, anyone know who can do car tinting panoramic windshield of model X?

aix93 | 7 octobre 2019

OCDetailing in Fremont, CA.