Ludicrous Upgrade

Ludicrous Upgrade

I took delivery of a P100D WITHOUT ludicrous mode, two weeks ago. I now see that Tesla is basically giving it for free. I’m not thrilled about this. Is anyone else upset? Is there a way for us to get the ludicrous software upgrade at a discounted rate or for free?

ToddR | 2 août 2019

I took delivery of a P100D WITHOUT ludicrous mode, two weeks ago. I now see that Tesla is basically giving it for free. I’m not thrilled about this. Is anyone else upset? Is there a way for us to get the ludicrous software upgrade at a discounted rate or for free? | 2 août 2019

What did you confirm on your Purchase Agreement? That is what you get.

ToddR | 2 août 2019

I know what I agreed to, but they weren’t giving it away for free at the time either. Just curious if anyone else was able to get the upgrade. I’ve asked and they said there isn’t a program in place to upgrade yet.

caseyjgarland | 2 août 2019

Imagine being me. Purchased mine WITH ludicrous on June 6th, 5 weeks before they started giving it away. I also got white paint. Imagine flushing $22,000 down the toilet.

caseyjgarland | 2 août 2019

I was told that I could get ludicrous later if I ordered a performance variant. You should call your service center and ask about getting ludicrous installed. It might be free for you.

ToddR | 2 août 2019

Yeah, I would be livid... I’ll call the local service center and see what they say.

2015P90DI | 2 août 2019

Yeah, it's one thing to reduce the price of FSD by a few thousand, but for those that forked out $20,000 for a "flip of the switch" software upgrade only to find out a week later, they're now giving away that $20,000 option for nothing, I can see where owners would feel pretty upset about it. Tesla could so very easily do the right thing and upgrade recent buyers for free and give some type of concession to those that did pay. Just like they did with FSD. Whether they do or not? I guess we'll see. Unfortunately their indecisiveness in pricing over the past year has turned off quite a few would be buyers. Yes, things go on sale and sometimes you miss out, but Tesla's pricing swings are pretty huge. It's human nature to not feel great about missing out on a huge price swing. These forums are a place for people to vent their frustrations. Show some class as existing Tesla owners and let them say their piece and offer any encouraging words you can to ease their pain. In time, they'll get over it and enjoy what they have.

nukequazar | 2 août 2019

Ludicrous Mode is a fairly unique thing to begin with. It's a capability that the car has but this capability was handicapped and held hostage unless you paid the $20,000 ransom and then it was set free. And now they stopped that nonsense and too bad to those who paid. It's not very cool.

caseyjgarland | 2 août 2019

What makes me paying $20k for ludicrous... ludicrous is that they were giving it away for free when i ordered mine BUT you had to be a preexisting Tesla owner. Ludicrous being free was clearly intended for these "Raven" models. I got caught in this awkward situation where I had to pay not only full price for the vehicle before any price reductions, but $20k for ludicrous. Now ludicrous is free. I literally threw $22k into the wind for getting a white model s with ludicrous. I'd laugh if it was $22k. I don't mind paying 2-3k more for a vehicle. I can live with the minor price changes but giving a FEATURE away that I paid $20,000 for is nonsense. If this were a year from now or even 6 months from now, I wouldn't have much to complain about but my car is still so new. It's still in diapers. I still have my temp tag in the back window. To think that I could be driving next to someone with my exact doppelganger model S, with a temp tag in the back window, and have paid $22,000 more dollars than he did.... It really doesn't make you feel good.

Ohmster | 3 août 2019

Never ask the person next to you on a flight what they paid for their fare. :(

jeffrub | 3 août 2019

And now they add super charging. Long time tesla supporter and really disappointed for the first time. I was suckered into upgrading my 15 MS to get ludicrous for free and took delievery a month ago. Right after that they included ludicrous in the performance version. So the 120k car I thought I was getting a good deal on evaporated over night. Then 30 days later they reinstate unlimited super charging, argggg. Really disappointed. I hope they grandfather it a month or more. Anyone know who I can complain to or is it not worth it?

PPower | 3 août 2019

If it was the other way around (car got more expenses or features where removed) would who also give up some of your benefits?

As a long time owner you should be familiar with how Tesla introduce new features/pricing/referral - as ongoing implementations. If you are happy with your car then that’s the most important thing and not a new upcoming feature that your car didn’t get.

PPower | 3 août 2019

expenses = expensive

GrantDeVilbiss | 4 août 2019

I too want to know what the upgrade cost is. I didn’t get it at the time hoping the price would come down. I did not expect it to be free the next month or I would have waited. Same with unlimited supercharging.

caseyjgarland | 4 août 2019

Tesla giving new owners unlimited supercharging just made me laugh. It seems like they have no regard for the individuals who recently purchased their new Raven models who forked out a lot more but are getting less now.

I paid $128,000 cash for a vehicle that would only cost $106,000 today and gets unlimited charging. Again, my model s is brand new. Still a temp tag in the back window. No real registration yet in the mail.

Not sure if I should be laughing or crying.

ddrabo | 21 septembre 2019

I’ve got a new raven as well, just before they started giving it away... anyone find out about upgrading with any of the service centers?

rm760 | 22 septembre 2019

All those upset by the pricing variances, suck it up. You purchased a depreciating asset in a time period where marketing and company balance sheets dictate a pricing adjustment specific to that time.. In 2018 I paid 140k for a fully optioned P100D. (Not crying about it, making a point). This is like the complaint from the person who purchases a TV before the Superbowl to impress others and then is upset that it went on sale at a great discount the day after the big game. Get past the buyers remorse and remember you negotiated the deal. No gun to the head to sign on the dotted line. Revel in the fact that you purchased a vehicle that is regularly updated. Every other vehicle out there is static, and to obtain new features means a trade in or aftermarket modification.

The other side of this coin is the FSD pricing. Those who waited too long are complaining that the price went up.

Hammonddave | 23 septembre 2019

Enough of the whining!!! I seriously question anyone’s decision to pay $22k to accelerate from 0-60 in 2 seconds. I live in Los Angeles and merge onto seriously insane speeding traffic all the time. My stock 75D does it in 4.5 seconds, and that is fast enough! In fact, I rarely floor it as this car’s torque is almost dangerous. Paying $22k to boast that you can accelerate twice as fast seems to be a result of severe testosterone madness.

nukequazar | 23 septembre 2019

How about stop telling people how they should feel or what they should be upset about.

Hammonddave | 23 septembre 2019

nukequazar... Thank you for the advice. Seriously, anyone buying Teslas know that their cars will be worth a lot less soon after you drive it off the lot. This includes the options that we all paid for. My Model S cost me 80K last year. This year's Model S's are selling for the same price, but they gained 100 miles in range. Is my car worth less? Absolutely! Am I losing sleep over it and whining that I just missed a sale? Of course not. This is the price you pay when you are buying high tech.

leostillo14 | 23 septembre 2019

I'm on the same boat. I took possession of my model X with ludicrous on June 9th, just 5 weeks before they started giving it away. I wasn't too happy about it, but can't cry about it now I guess.

nukequazar | 24 septembre 2019

@Hammonddave, it's different in my opinion, and it seems many agree with me. Nobody is complaining about the car a year later with higher range or more features or lower price. Those things are expected with any auto or technology purchase. They're complaining about the exact same car, same year, same specs, same features, purchased a couple weeks later with a $20,000 option thrown in for free, an option with zero marginal cost to the company in the first place, and the company not offering anything to even very recent purchasers. I think it's crappy, and bad business.

ST70 | 24 septembre 2019

@Hammonddave- fast enough....I bet you're not a roller coaster fan. Dangerous you shouldn't be driving. In the supercar world @22K is a fraction of the cost of what it would take to upgrade an ICE car to have the same acceleration.

flickroll | 24 septembre 2019

I’m in a different camp. I recently bought a Raven Long Range. Before buying my car I test drove a Raven Performance and Holy S***!! But $20k for 1.5 seconds quicker seemed a bit over the top and range was more important to me anyway. But now that Plaid is on the horizon, and if it has range at least in the low 400’s, I’ll trade my Raven LR, sell my Porsche 991.2 GTS, and get my jollies driving the Plaid. The more I drive the Raven the more I absolutely love it. I recently was behind some dude driving a Turbo Macan, and on a windy road he couldn’t get rid of me :) I can’t imagine the performance of the Plaid.

For those that are pi**ed they didn’t get Ludicrous when Tesla shortly thereafter was giving it away, I feel your pain. But I’ve experienced similar experiences with the the various P cars I have owned. There’s always something better...just be happy that you have what you have. The Tesla is an absolutely amazing car. Much more so than I ever thought possible, until I started driving one.