Take care of your premium customers!

Take care of your premium customers!

For the 1st time, I bypass all financial and logical judgment when purchasing a vehicle with my Model X purchase.
Spending $120K+ on a car is "Ludicrous" but its a once in life experience and the autopilot/green/FWD won me over.

Disappointed in the build quality from paint quality, mismatched/uneven panels, quality of the window/door seal to the ill-informed sales process about the pro/con of various options. Not to mention the continuous price reductions and questionable resell value......

a week ago, I uncovered another irritating issue when we decided to visit Mt. Ranier. Not having any Super Charger nearby, none of the Destination chargers allow none lodge guests to use the charger. I was able to locate a site with NEMA 14-50 connector charger, but I was VERY disappointed to find out Tesla stopped including the 14-50 adapters two months before I purchased my MX!!! REALLY??? such an important amenity for keeping the car charged given Tesla charger is not fully populated!! Not to mention the "Ludicrous" price I paid for the car and Tesla skimp on your premium customer??? Worst of all, I can't even buy it from the local service center because they don't stock such item and the charging unit is different from all my friend's adapter!!

Am I the only one disappointed in such Tesla judgment in their product decision? | 13 août 2019

Yep, sorry to say you're the only one. Sell it and get a Kia :)

(Old timers will get the joke)

Ok, to be fair your gripe about the 14-50 is a fair one. Seems with Superchargers just about everywhere, there are spots I guess where you might need a 14-50. Never needed one (other than at home) in 7 years of owning/using/traveling with Teslas.

jimglas | 13 août 2019

(eye roll)

rongsort-ontime | 13 août 2019

artc1688, your first mistake was buying a Tesla on a whim and your second mistake was venting on this forum. Next you will try to take a bible to Mecca.

johncrab | 13 août 2019

It is indeed unfortunate to read that Tesla's Summer of Foibles now extends to build quality. Really, if Hyundai can manage decent and consistent build quality in their budget-priced cars, a maker of six figure cars has no excuses.

andy.connor.e | 13 août 2019

What exactly is a "premium customer"? Or is this another one of those - "I spent ALOT of money so i am entitled to whatever makes me feel like i deserve based on my money".

Ironically tho, johncrab is all over these kinds of topics.

lilbean | 13 août 2019


johncrab | 13 août 2019

@Andy - You seem to be saying that value and service should not be commensurate with price paid and expectations raised. I respectfully disagree.

carlk | 13 août 2019

"Ironically tho, johncrab is all over these kinds of topics."

Yeah I guess enemy of my enemy is always my friend.

carlk | 13 août 2019

...or it's dumbass like me is always my friend? Couldn't decide.

andy.connor.e | 13 août 2019

"You seem to be saying that value and service should not be commensurate with price paid and expectations raised. I respectfully disagree."

I am sorry for your ego

reed_lewis | 13 août 2019

The 14-50 connector not being included seems to me to be something that reeks of cost cutting. But that is purely my opinion.

But for not having the tools necessary to charge (like calling the locations to verify you could actually charge, or verifying you had the 14-50 adapter before travelling), some of this is on the OP.

When I travel I make damn sure I have 2-3 ways to charge. That includes owning a CHAdeMO adapter because there are areas where the Super Charger network does not go.

@TeslaTap - saying that because you have never needed the 14-50 adapter does not mean that others do. Everyone drives in different places. Your comment reminds me of someone who was staying at a hotel and implied that since the Super Charger was across the street, there is a Super Charger across the street of every hotel. We all know that the availability of Super Chargers is still less in some areas. New London, CT for example does not have a super charger less than an hour drive away in any direction.

NKYTA | 13 août 2019

There is a permit for New London on

sschaem | 13 août 2019

Yes, I can confirm. I did a 2018 to 2019 upgrade (mistake) But the delivery person mentioned that I can keep my charging accessory as Tesla doesn't include it anymore.. and service is closed, and it would be $35 otherwise.

For a $120k car, not including the 240v plug is absolutely INSANE!

It bring credence to people claiming Tesla requested people to bring their own toilet paper to reduce cost.

The part that you might also not know... the 2019 Raven is a COST REDUCE version of the model X.

Tesla removed the dual charger, and they remove the ventilated seating. And they still see to rush the car out of the factory. Mine require day one repairs.

Because of all this, I asked the day faster delivery to cancel the contract and I wanted to return this Tesla.
So far it seem that Tesla will gladly take their car back, but will not return mine... so its going to be interesting.

Its really to bad Tesla just didn't add the suspension to the 2018 design and instead add to downgrade the 2019 revision.

And overall I agree, the Tesla premium business is not managed correctly.

artc1688 | 13 août 2019

@andy.connor when a customer willing to pay a premium for the best possible product, they also have an expectation on the quality of the product and/or services that complement the segment of the product they purchased. I do not regret the purchase of the MX, as this has been an exciting journey my son and I enjoy the Tesla experience immensely. Purpose of the thread is NOT to bash Tesla, but the goal of hoping Tesla rep will read this & hear what their customers are saying. According to research, the customer who are willing to pay a premium for a product is typically a strong advocate & influencer amongst his circle of friends/family.
Hope this helps in clarifying the intention of this post.

sosmerc | 13 août 2019

"You get what you pay for" is the expression that luxury car buyers are depending on. Quality of the product, quality of the purchase experience, quality of the ownership experience is expected to be as good as any since Tesla is competing against the "best of the best". From what I hear and read, your experience with Tesla may vary.

sosmerc | 13 août 2019

And I should have added: your experience will vary, as with any other high end manufacturer.

SCCRENDO | 13 août 2019

This is a small issue. It’s not the cost. Although I think not a good PR move. There is no longer much need for this adapter. But people new to Tesla need to be informed. This should be on the information sheet at purchase. They should state that most people charge at home and use super chargers on the road. But other ways to charge may be available and would require the following optional adapters available for purchase

reed_lewis | 13 août 2019

@NKYTA - great. Can I charge at a permitted station? :)

The preceding was a joke....

That is why I have the CHAdeMO adapter.

reed_lewis | 13 août 2019

The agreement you signed for the trade in specified that you will not get your trade in back if you return the new car...

DTsea | 13 août 2019

Not getting a 14-50 adapter is puzzling.

sschaem | 13 août 2019

I will have to check, because I dont recall anyone information me of this. But I was informed that I could return the car "If you dont like the car you can return it"... Really a no pressure sell, "you have 7 days to return it". But they dont tell you "But.... you will not get yours back". Seem very one sided.

I never knew Tesla was that conniving and unwilling to do the right thing when it doesn't cost them anything.
It seem make so you are stuck in accepting the car even so it NOT what you expected.
"No you cant test drive the car", "But you have 7 days to return it if you dont like it"
small print and never disclosed to the buyer: "But we will not return your car... "

When I made the request my money was not cached in yet and my car was still on the Tesla lot.
It was still in my app. It was only 2 days after I requested the return that it was removed from my account.

I requested a return BEFORE my check was cached, and under 24 hours and <60 miles. I hope Tesla will do the right thing. (delivered saturday night, requested return sunday early afternoon)

And frankly, what stop Tesla from selling my 2018 Model X back to me if they dont want to nullify the trade in contract ? I never got an answer on that...

Anyways, Im trying to get to someone higher up to confirm Tesla standing in this case. I'm also getting a consumer protection office in line to see how to proceed. But like you say, it must be written somewhere and Tesla got endless money to fight people like me, so its demoralizing.

NKYTA | 13 août 2019

@reed_lewis, that was my reverse hyperbole after traveling the SC network in 47/48 States.

Coming soon to a town near you. And it is your town!

I’m sure that you can reach Milford S if you drive like everyone else in -that- neck of the woods. Crazy CTers.

milesbb | 13 août 2019

Do I understand this correctly. Do not provide a trade in if you think it is possible you could exercise the return option? I assume you keep the trade in money that Tesla offered should you return your new Tesla for full refund and do not get your older car back.

reed_lewis | 14 août 2019

I live in Mass, but visit New London on a regular basis so that is why I need the Super Charger there. I normally charge at home.

reed_lewis | 14 août 2019

Here is the 7 day return policy.

"If you traded in a vehicle as part of your original transaction, you will not receive that trade-in vehicle back, though we will refund you the applied trade-in value as part of your return."

I would guess that the document you signed probably has some verbiage about agreements on the website are included in this agreement or something like that.

Techy James | 14 août 2019

@johncrab So is the same logic that 6 figure cars should never have paint defects also apply to 7 figure cars? McLaren cars have needed similar fixes at delivery time to their owners. When taking vehicle for PPF shop to look into wrapping car to protect the paint, pointed out using a light held over places over exterior of car you can see fine paint detail issues. I followed to ask if this was tesla issue or existed in other cars, and the person proceeded to another car brand this one happened to be a Lexus, but he said a recent McLaren also had similar defects in paint.
That is why every body shop doing wraps or ceramic coatings start with a detail paint correction to fix any blemishes so they don't stand out after the protection coat is put in place.

andy.connor.e | 14 août 2019

You are not guaranteed any treatment for spending money. Maybe Mercedes or BMW gave you that treatment to keep you coming back, but that is completely dependent on the company actually giving you that kind of treatment. I've had family have houses built that cost multi-times more than the most expensive Model S spec, and the treatment/job quality is mediocre. Its probably because you're used to that kind of treatment, because luxury product makers do that as a sales tactic to keep you coming back.

There is always room for adjusting your expectations to prevent disappointment.

reed_lewis | 14 août 2019

So what @Tech James and @any.connor.e is saying is that one should not expect too much quality from Tesla and if there are problems, just deal with it because you are basically lucky to get a Tesla.

I disagree. I feel that Tesla should always deliver the best product available out there without any compromises, and any cases where things are not perfect should be remedied quickly.

Using a home builder example to say that even expensive things can be mediocre is a bad example. Any builder would charges a lot of money for a house that is not of great quality does not deserve to have a business, much like any car company that does not have excellent cars does not deserve to have business either. Excusing Tesla's issues because they make an EV is lunacy.

andy.connor.e | 14 août 2019

"So what @Tech James and @any.connor.e is saying is that one should not expect too much quality from Tesla and if there are problems, just deal with it because you are basically lucky to get a Tesla."

Thats literally not what i said. "So you're saying....." no i am saying exactly what i actually said. That you are not guaranteed any form of treatment just because of the amount of money you spend. To expect a level of treatment based on the amount of money you spend is a sales technique to keep you coming back, because manufacturers know the better they treat you the more likely you are to spend money with them again. This is not a secret, its standard sales practice.

artc1688 | 14 août 2019

I believe in Elon's vision for Tesla of revolutionizing/disrupts today's automotive industry and to accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable energy future. Reference and acceptance of "Other auto manufacturers are doing it also" is simply an inconsistent and unacceptable stance with what Tesla's mission. Great strategy does not win the war, failure to execute and attention to tactics/detail will stumble any great companies to its knees.

andy.connor.e | 14 août 2019

Elon is disrupting many trillion dollar industries. Much more than just automotive.

sschaem | 14 août 2019

About the 7 day return policy, my issue is that normally you are informed about major part of a transaction.
Its a bit deceptive to be told "If you dont like the car you have 7 days to return it, no problems".
"Can I take the car for a weekend test drive before buying?".. "No, but if you dont like it you can return it"

Expect that... fine print, "we will take back our car but we will not return yours.. you can walk home"
And the trade in for my 2018 was $96k (I paid $172K for it 6 month earlier)
Its impossible for me to buy an equivalent Tesla, even used at that price point.

I'm not here for a free handout. But it seem here its a lack of wanting to do work with the customer.

I even asked Tesla, how much would you sell my car back to me after I return this 2019?
They say that they would not even sell my car back to me... ?!

The car was on their lot, my money not cached (sunday) when I made the request... the paper work was not filed.
So the transaction would have been easily nullified . My car was still listed in my app...

This entire upgrade experience really cemented my view of Tesla as a immature company that really do not care at all about customer satisfaction.

side note: I discover major paint defects. The hood seem to have been painted with little chunk of dust , and other parts it look wavy / pimply.
Its like Tesla build quality is even worse now then in late 2018 ... WTH is happening in Fremont ?!?
Specially now that they are build pretty much half as many car.

rxlawdude | 14 août 2019

@sschaem: new around here?

sschaem | 14 août 2019

new ? no... but I still hope that someone at Tesla care and read those forums, and ultimately policy get changed to make thing better.

Like maybe in a future Tesla meeting "We do offer a 7 day return policy, maybe we need to hold the trade in for at least 48hours before finalizing the upgrade in case the buyer cancel the purchase?"

jimglas | 15 août 2019

he is a regular whiner

rxlawdude | 15 août 2019

@sschaem, you didn't read your purchase contract, and it's Tesla's fault? Really?

Techy James | 15 août 2019

@reed_lewis I never once said that a company shouldn't strive to improve. I merely stated what people point out as a flaw with Tesla is not uncommon with bigger car companies and even more expensive cars. The only difference in Tesla versus other Manufactures is they are one of the new Kids on the block and still growing. In my experience, even when I did have a problem with my car, Tesla corrected the issue.
Also I think many first time Tesla Owners especially with the Model 3, are owners buying a more expensive car than they would normally. To these owners they may be first time to the Premium car family and this leads to potentially higher expectation as well.
Looking at second half of the complaint, is it Tesla's fault that a lodge that provides destination charging would limit the charging to their guests? If I was a lodge owner that decided to add destination charging as a convenience , I would want to make sure those spots was available to my customers, especially since I am footing bill for the electricity they use.
Here I will use personal experience, first of all I always plan vacations with destinations that offer destination charging. If place don't offer this service I look for something else. This is a decision I make when I am looking for places to stay. The fact that Tesla has a map that I can select my destination and see who has destination charging makes it easier when planning where to stay.
As for the including of a 14-50 adapter, that was a decision that Tesla made when they was looking to cut cost to survive. This being their first Tesla, why would they assume there was a 14-50 adapter in there Mobile Cord kit. What Tesla did do, is include a cord adapter that can be pretty much used anywhere in the US. A trusty 5-15 120V Outlet.

Techy James | 15 août 2019

@artc1688 Hopefully now Tesla has corrected the imperfections you found. If your goal by posting here is the get someone's attention at Tesla that can make a change, this may not be your best place to convey the message, as these forums are not moderated by Tesla, so it may never be seen by them. They do have a contact us page that would likely get more attention of someone could make a difference.
PS if you haven't already, make sure you order a 14-50 Adapter just incase you need it. Also if you frequent locations that may not have Tesla Charging locally you might want to consider the CHAdeMO adapter, may open additional charging solutions. My only hope is maybe someday we can get a CCS adapter option as that now thanks to electrify America is building out a better charging network for none Tesla vehicles.

Yodrak. | 15 août 2019

"For a $120k car, not including the 240v plug is absolutely INSANE!"

For someone who is able to pay $120,000 for a car, to complain about paying $35 for a set of 8 NEMA adapters is insane.

Earl and Nagin ... | 15 août 2019

I'm sure that Tesla checked and discovered that a large portion of their customers have never used the NEMA 14-50 adapter so they decided it was not worth charging them all for it. This is likely one of the ways the've lowered the prices. Those who need them can easily buy them.

Techy James | 16 août 2019

@Yodrak It's actually 35 for each adapter not all 8.

nlt0006 | 16 août 2019

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Yodrak. | 16 août 2019

"It's actually 35 for each adapter not all 8."

Thanks for correcting me. It did sound too good to be true. $35 each is reasonable.

sschaem | 17 août 2019

@Yodrak Take you logic further... why even include the tow hitch, you spent $120k on the car you can afford to buy one. Why inclde the sunshade, you can afford to buy one... the floor matt, you can afford those to.

And I know I'm not the only one being taken back by this. The delivery person made sure the accessory Tesla use to include was transferred.

Also if you look back Tesla use to give a few complimentary items. All that is gone for cost cutting reasons.

Its a bit like having a first class ticket where they make every item a separate purchases. Its not the way to manage a luxury brand... you dont cheap out and make the buyer fee like he/she is being nickle and dimmed.

Example, Tesla doesn't even give you a folder for the paper work !

Who is running the show and making those cost cutting decisions.....

Yodrak. | 17 août 2019

Entitled, aren't you?

bryce | 18 août 2019

I agree with you 100%. I bought a 120k model x and day 8 I get alerts for emergency breaking disabled. I schedule a service and they tell me there is nothing they can do, it will be fixed in a later update over the air. I noticed paint runs on my car, my doors don't line up correctly. Now my passenger door does not open fully or close 100% of the time. They also gave free supercharging about 7 days after I picked up mine. They also stopped giving loaner cars when bringing yours in for service. I have a 50k bmw and they give me a loan every time I bring it in for an oil change. Tesla if you don't treat your customers right, you won't have us very long, and I certainly would not refer anyone at this moment in time. Make things better not worse. You are getting cheap lately and its going to cost tesla in the long run. Make it right for customers like me. I have only owned my car a little over 3 weeks. Never bought a car with this many issues right off the bat.

andy.connor.e | 19 août 2019

"Never bought a car with this many issues right off the bat."

Clearly you have never bought GM or Ford.

jordanrichard | 19 août 2019

Did you know that the $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron didn't have even the most basic nav system. | 19 août 2019

@bryce "I have a 50k bmw and they give me a loan every time I bring it in for an oil change. "

I always knew BMWs were expensive to maintain, but that must be a very expensive oil change to requires a new loan each time!

andy.connor.e | 19 août 2019

36 month finance for BMW oil changes.