One Year Service Visit for Alignment -- Anything else?

One Year Service Visit for Alignment -- Anything else?

Not really a year, but over 11 months. I'm taking my car in to a service center for the first time for an alignment in a couple days. A tire rotation (not at Tesla) back in April showed irregular wear on the inside shoulders of both front tires. I didn't read the rotation notes so I did not get the alignment done at that time. Since then I took a nail right next to a sidewall and decided to replace all four tires as wear was at or near 4/32" (I went with the Michelin Cross Climate+).

Anyway, as this is my first visit to a Service Center and the maintenance schedule for the car is minimal, is there anything I should be asking to have checked other than the alignment? The Service Center is over an hour away so I do not want to make more trips there than necessary. I was going to ask them to a one year "look it over" but I'm not sure that that means anything. The only "issue" I have with the car (other than the alignment) is the little triangles by the front windows which I will have them glue down. Otherwise everything is great.

jimglas | 13 août 2019

change the oil and oil filter

FISHEV | 13 août 2019

Mine went in for second service today, first was Mobile Service, to look at two "Get Service" warnings on Emergency Lane Departure and for Charging. On the work order were a bunch of items I didn't even know about, pans to be added, bolts to be tightened. Tesla does seem to use the service visits to catch up on service items on each car.

jjgunn | 13 août 2019


Get some new wiper blades.

Seriously, tell them to flush & check the brakes too. Sometimes metal particles can develop in the brake fluid reservoir & lines

Also, the biggest one.....the cooling/warming system for your battery. Make sure that is 100%

sheldon.mike1010 | 13 août 2019

Wondering why Cross Climate+ instead of Primacy MXM4?

Magic 8 Ball | 13 août 2019

Service requirements are more based on miles vs time.

eplaskett | 13 août 2019


How do you like the CrossClimate+ so far? I don't need tires just yet, but have been looking at my options, knowing that I will need them in a few months, and the CrossClimate+ is at the top of my list. You're the first person I have seen on any of the forums to have put them on their Model 3. Based on the TireRack reviews, they sound like really good tires. How's the noise level vs. the OEM MXM4s? That's my only real complaint with the OEM tires - they seem pretty loud, especially on concrete freeways, even with the supposed noise suppression foam.

Jiver | 13 août 2019

re Tires: See

Much more information there than I can give. I only got them on a few days ago and probably have less than 200 miles on them. I'm in no position to give a review other than to say that I have not noticed a difference in sound or handling or even range. My drive to the service center should give me a better idea of any range reduction but then again we'd expect range reduction with new tires.

I went with the CrossClimate+ (Cross Climate+ for those searching as two words) simply because I felt like trying something different, I have an unfounded Michelin bias, I could buy them at Costco, the numbers are roughly equivalent to the MXM4's, and a few complete strangers on the Internet said that they liked them. Really no good reason.

FISHEV | 13 août 2019

At 5,000 miles they are doing a “HV Bolt Inspection” which based on parts consisting of 13 bolts (not clear which are being replaced by which), brackets, seals, probes as listed as parts needed.

Not sure how long that takes. They did say that based on error codes, they are doing full check on cameras working correctly.

LostInTx | 13 août 2019

Ask them to check the undercarriage bolts - there's several reports of them loosening.
Have them check the A/C evaporator - in warm environments, a bit of mold can grow or accumulate.
With new tires,an alignment is a good idea. This may run you around $200 at Tesla but worth it.
State inspection, if appropriate.
Wiper fluid refill, after changing wiper blades.
Brake fluid flush and check the pads for wear - with regenerative braking, this should be minimal.
And as mentioned, check cooling system for battery.

I have 26K miles on my Model 3, purchased last August and this is my list for an appointment this Friday.

I also upgraded from EAP to FSD two weeks ago and Tesla, may (or may not) swap my 2.5 chip for 3.0. We;ll see.

Oh, and don't make the same mistake I made on my last visit. Remove your gun and all spare clips from the car. Tesla gets antsy about test driving cars with loaded guns on board.

vmulla | 13 août 2019

If you're considering replacing the tires, read about the tires in the article discussed in this thread:
It gives you one more perspective to consider.

ajwillman500 | 13 août 2019

I have less than 8K miles since acquiring by Tesla 3 just over 1 year ago. Is there really a need to check the brake fluid level & cooling system? I now live in San Diego County and have never driven this car when temps are over 85.

Efontana | 13 août 2019

Charging contacts.

sheldon.mike1010 | 13 août 2019

have heard (from FISH) that the Model 3's Continuum Transfunctioner needs looked at when the Frambus joints are adjusted.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 août 2019

It's prolly the Fetzer valve, that or the ball bearings it's all ball bearing these days.

adamhenry552 | 13 août 2019

The one-year service visit alignment is free or needs to pay some extra.

beaver | 14 août 2019

Have them check the bolts on the rear bottom skid pan. Mine were missing and mobile ranger installed them.

davesper2 | 14 août 2019

Wait about 5 years with your low mileage Tesla to get brake fluid checked.