Blurry backup camera since 24.4, please add your name here

Blurry backup camera since 24.4, please add your name here

If your backup camera quality was degraded from 24.4, please post here. I'm trying to see how isolated this issue is and whether Tesla is even aware of the issue. My car is an October 2018 build, dual motor with EAP.

I remember in a thread not relating specifically to the issue when 24.4 was first released, a few members mentioned the issue. I was hesitant on installing 24.4 after reading those comments, but I thought nah it wasn't going to happen to *my* car lol. And then it did. Other than reading about it on that aforementioned thread here, I have not seen another thread here regarding the issue.

The issue appears to be quite limited in scope. Couple of threads on reddit and Tesla motors club on the issue are very short. Update 28.2 does not appear to fix it per the OP of the Tesla motors club thread, although I'm still on 24.4. I emailed Tesla on it, asking whether they were aware of the issue, and did not receive any response.

Sure, it's a relatively minor issue compared to others such as false positives with emergency lane departure, but this issue is one I'm annoyed with the most, regularly looking into those two threads looking for updates from those with the issue, and very much looking forward to having fixed every day.

Here are those two threads:

82bert | 17 août 2019

Tesla is aware. Hang tight, it will be fixed.

CST | 17 août 2019

I just noticed this yesterday as well.

CST | 17 août 2019

It almost feels as if the depth of field has decreased, I wonder if they change the aperture to increase the amount of light going into it.

jebinc | 17 août 2019

Seems odd to me that Tesla would change the rear camera settings and not even test what they changed. A blurry image is not something easily missed. Do they do any testing at all, or are we the alpha testers?

CST | 17 août 2019

No... They never check anything

Daryl | 17 août 2019

I noticed that my back up camera video was different, but my impression was that it was actually better than before. More contrast, no loss in resolution.

slingshot18 | 18 août 2019

Seems fine to me. I don’t see a difference.

syclone | 19 août 2019

Did anybody try cleaning the lens?

spuzzz123 | 19 août 2019

I’m on 28.2 have not noticed any blurriness

terry.k.morrow | 19 août 2019

Mine definitely seems “different” . My wife noticed as well. Maybe slightly more blurry, but also the colors seem more saturated. It doesn’t affect my ability to use it, and is still 100X better than backup camera I’ve had in other colors. So we’re talking about different versions of excellent in my opinion, but yeah my guess is Tesla will continue to tweak it to get the best quality. Of course, that mark is a bit subjective based on the user. Personally, I like the saturated colors (for no particular usage reason) and if they dialed in the focus just a couple of notches, I’d be pretty happy.

calvin940 | 19 août 2019

No blurriness here. Check your lens and clean it. The only time I have every noticed that type of distortion is when the lens was covered in dirt, salt, standing drops of rain etc.

hokiegir1 | 19 août 2019

Mine isn't "blurry" but it's not as crisp as it was prior to 24.4 either. I'd say "grainy" is a better description. The color is much better, though -- and i think the strobbing of some LED signs is reduced, but I haven't tested that with a lot of confidence (just a brief observation -- not something I've been looking for). It's certainly plenty usable, but I do hope the next update or 2 gets it back to prior views.

lbowroom | 19 août 2019

"I wonder if they change the aperture to increase the amount of light going into it."

I don't think the camera has any moving parts, so no.

CST | 19 août 2019

Mobile phone cameras are similar and they have aperture adjustments.
I only noticed this issue when there was a car about 40 ft behind me. The foreground looked pretty good, but the car was blurry, leading me to believe this could be a DOF issue.

lbowroom | 19 août 2019

Almost all mobile phone camera have a fixed aperture. They fake aperture adjustment by digitally blurring the background.

h2ev | 22 août 2019

My car received 28.3.1 last night. It did not fix the issue. Yes I rebooted the car.

The problem is 3 fold. First is the loss of resolution, looking like 480p. Second is the very odd contrast and noise, as if the gain is cranked to the max (like taking a photo in the dark with the ISO set to max). Third is the field of vision has increased, as if the lens was changed to a fisheye lens (the top corners of the image shows of the trunklid, and the bumper on the bottom).

It appears this issue is very isolated based on the very limited responses here, and I am not convinced Tesla is even aware of the issue.

OTA update is a double edged sword. Many bugs have been introduced by various updates. I am in the very small minority here but I really wish Tesla would stop putzing with the car. I understand that this car, more than any others, is a smartphone on wheels and there will be constant updates and bugs is just inevitably a part of it. Perhaps I'd be less annoyed if they focus more on the quality and stop with the useless gimmicks. I had planned to replace my SUV with a Model Y, but for this reason I likely will not.

MoonDog | 22 août 2019

Mine was also so. It was wright after an updated from a service appointment so I thought the lens got smudged on and kept meaning to go and clean it but after reading it, it seems that it is from the updated that the technician did. Hope it gets fixed soon! I got an updated overnight (28.3.1) but haven't paid attention on if it got better or not yet.

vmulla | 22 août 2019

28.3.1 makes it better. Not quite where it was before, but still better than 24.4

It's not the first time things have got worse with OTA, things bounce back in the following updates.

wayne | 22 août 2019

I too noticed that the backup camera is significantly sharper with 28.3.1.

Syed.Hosain | 22 août 2019

With 28.4, I did notice that the backup camera was different from before. Not blurry, but better in low light conditions. With perhaps a bit too much "sharpening" of the image and it made the "edges" too sharp and contrasty.

I just got 28.3.1 last night, so will check out any possible camera improvements later today.

aaron85 | 22 août 2019

no blurriness, must be particle on lens :)

vmulla | 22 août 2019

It's still great on 28.3.1, just not as great as it was prior to 24.x

Hared | 25 août 2019

I am also experiencing the fisheye effect. Do not like it. Hoping for a fix,.

h2ev | 31 août 2019

This is just the strangest bug yet. As @vmulla said, it does look a bit better on 28.3, as far as the colors go. Close objects appear a bit more clear, but further back (perhaps 3 cars lengths and up) it's still very blurry. It's almost as if the aperture is opened all the way, giving a very shallow depth of field, but the cameras in the car do not have variable aperture.

I've looked up images of the backup cameras on the Model 3. All appear to have the fisheye look, showing the bumper on the bottom and the corners of the edge of trunklid on top. Prior to this happening to my car, I honestly can't recall this fisheye effect. I've never thought a bug like this can be introduced, or I would've taken an image of my backup camera before.

I'm just making stuff up here. Perhaps Tesla sources the camera modules from different manufacturers. Perhaps some cars received a higher quality module than the majority. And in order to fix that inconsistency, Tesla pushed 24.4 to make them all look the same. No idea, as I said I'm just making stuff up here to try and explain why this seems to be a very isolated issue.

belnot | 31 août 2019

I have the same Blurry backup camera. Not much help from Tesla Store.

Watt’s Happenin’ | 1 septembre 2019

I'll add my 3(DEC 2018) to the growing list. Since day 1 the back up camera has been grainy most of the time. Sometimes it seems pretty clear. The delivery lady noted the issue on the deliver sheet and said that they had tried numerous fixes but all to no avail and that when a fix came they would call. The call never came but we brought it up while we were in the shop for something else and the crew said it was fine, no worries, they're all like that.... going to try again when I get the front turn signal lens reseated....

esserengineer | 5 septembre 2019

I also have the problem. Image seems blurry and oversaturated.

nadesny | 6 septembre 2019

I have this problem too, coincidentally after the mcu needed to be replaced. They're telling me it's a coincidence and that there is corrosion inside the camera.

cjcjungk | 13 septembre 2019

Mine too. thought it was dirty lens. worse at night. simulation does not seem to show and warn of cars approaching from rear.

RedShift | 13 septembre 2019

Yes, images appear over saturated.

RWD ☰ | 13 septembre 2019

Me too, not as crisp as it was.