DashCam & Sentry record a few days then stop

DashCam & Sentry record a few days then stop

I'm using a high-quality, fast 128GB thumbdrive, turned Sentry ON. A week later, I've got only 2-3 days worth of SavedClips on the drive when I check it on my pc -- even though my 3 tells me I've got events much more recently. There are both Dashcam recordings and Sentry recordings. The RecentClips folder has files from a week ago -- not the most recent. Only about 10% of the drive is used so there's plenty of room. The drive is formatted properly for FAT32 and as I said, it DOES record -- but then seems to stop after a few days. After this happened the first time, I deleted all the files and reinstalled the drive. A week later I pulled it after turning Sentry off -- same problem. Only a few days' worth of recordings. ould appreciate suggestions. Thanks!

Magic 8 Ball | 17 août 2019
EVRider | 18 août 2019

Is whatever you’re using to determine that you’re only using 10% of the drive accounting for deleted files that might still be there, in the recycle bin or trash folder?

tomasrey88 | 18 août 2019

I read on an earlier post that there is a bug so you have to turn on and off dash cam. You cannot leave it on. I turn it on and use it a day, then turn it off at night right after my last drive before I go to bed. If you leave it on for too long, the data gets corrupted somehow.

Is this true with all Model 3 owners or just some? I didn't put this in my Youtube video because I wasn't sure if it was a universal problem and I was hoping that the bug would get fixed in the next update soon. Maybe I should add a notification in the comments section of my Teslacam dash cam and Sentry Mode instructional video:

Anyways, you can prevent your problem by just turning dash cam on in the morning before your first drive then turning it off after your last drive of the day. In the upper right corner, click the camera pic to turn on the red light. At night, touch the same icon for 10 seconds continuously. This turns it off. | 18 août 2019

I think EVRIder nailed it.

Another less frequent problem can be cabin temps. Your car can get to 150F when parked in the sun, with hot outdoor temps. I've yet to find a USB flash drive rated above 140F, and many have a lower rated max temperature limit. When in use the drive itself heats up, so it is going to be 15-30 degrees above the cabin temperature. If you're in cooler climates, this is not an issue, but otherwise, you may need to switch to a high-temp micro SD card and adapter. More info here:

nick | 18 août 2019

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.

Magic 8 Ball: That's the article I used to format my SanDisk Extreme Go USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB. It's an excellent article.

@EVRider: There's no recycle bin on the drive. There's lots of room left on the drive.

@tomasrey89: Thanks - I'll try manually turning the dashcam and Sentry on and off. Good video!

@TeslaTap: I've been monitoring cabin temp with my Tesla app. It's never gotten that hot inside, but that's a good point. Thanks.

Think my next step is to try to record manually by turning off the main Sentry Mode setting, and then turning it on and off manually to see whether I get reliable recordings. Will also turn the Dashcam on manually to see if that does it. Thanks for all the tips! I'll report back.

EVRider | 18 août 2019

@nick: When the dashcam isn't recording when expected, does the icon on the touchscreen show that the dashcam is recording, i.e., does it have the red dot? I'm trying to determine if the dashcam is turning off for some reason vs. there's a problem writing the video to the drive. Note that Sentry Mode works even if you don't have a USB to record video -- you get the alerts, but no recording.

@tomasrey88: You don't have to hold the dashcam icon for 10 seconds to pause recording, just for a second or two. If you press it too quickly, the dashcam will save the last 10 minutes of video but not stop (it takes practice to get it right). You should, however, wait 10 seconds or more after pausing the dashcam before removing the USB, to make sure all the write operations are allowed to finish. Maybe that's what you were thinking of.

nick | 18 septembre 2019

UPDATE: My 3 finally coughed up an error message saying my usb stick wasn't fast enough. Got a faster one on recommendation of another Tesla site. Tried it with same results but no error msg about speed. My 3 "loses" the connection to the usb and the drive becomes corrupt. More about that here:

fbasciano | 21 septembre 2019

I have engaged Sentry with no problems and it appears to work and record well with the exception that it picks up on events that seem fairly trivial. It will sense hundreds of events. All night long the lights will flash. The car is parked outside in my driveway (backed in) and I am sure the lights drive the people across the road crazy.

Is there some adjustment on sensitivity I can make. | 21 septembre 2019

@fbasciano - No sensitivity adjustment, but you can have it automatically disable at home in Controls.

fbasciano | 21 septembre 2019

Thanks for the advice.

I have used your two cents worth with an SSD drive formatted FAT32 (used my Mac). I live on Vancouver Island in the Northwest. I will let you know how the drive winters here.