28.3.1 Bluetooth sync issues (out of sync audio)

28.3.1 Bluetooth sync issues (out of sync audio)

Watching YouTube from my phone has become unbearable to watch.
Pixel 2 XL owner running Android Q.
Bluetooth audio has become quite slow.

Here is a sample clip

wisam.alrawi | 19 août 2019
EVRider | 20 août 2019

If you’re watching video on your phone, why not listen there too? Syncing audio with video can be an issue even under better circumstances.

stevenmaifert | 20 août 2019

If you are watching video on a media device but listening to the audio through at BT connection to the car, there will always be a slight delay because of the time it takes for the media device to encode the audio to BT and then the car to decode it and play it on the media center. There is not much you can do when watching live video, but if you are watching a recorded program from a media device, there are media players, like the VLC Media Player, that have settings that will allow you to advance the audio track to keep it in sync with the video.

wisam.alrawi | 20 août 2019

The best solution would be for Google to implement a video delay feature in YouTube to solve the issue probably. I'll try to play the video in my 2003 Camry with a Panasonic head unit and see what happens. I'll post a video comparison.

The audio system in a Tesla blows my phones speakers out of the water. It's way better to listen over Bluetooth than the phone. It's just incredible how rich and deep the sound system is.

I can delay the audio in VLC and MX Player but not in YouTube, unfortunately. I was watching YouTube before and it wasn't that bad.

28.3.1 seems to have introduced even a longer delay than previous software.

EVRider | 20 août 2019

@wisam: At some point you’ll be able to watch videos on the touchscreen (when parked), which should eliminate the sync issue.

reed_lewis | 21 août 2019

This has occurred in every version of my Tesla Model S I have had for 2.5 years. This is nothing new. Syncing Bluetooth audio with what is on the screen of the phone will never work correctly.

bp | 22 août 2019

This has been an issue since getting our first Model S in early 2013.

Unless the player has adjustments to better sync the audio, it will likely be out-of-sync with the video displayed on the device.

While Tesla might be able to reduce the delay a little by more quickly processing the BT audio, the burden falls primarily with the app running on the device.

For viewing while parked, Musk has stated we'll see some streaming coming soon (Version 10?) - that will help with some apps - but not all media viewing.

While driving, it's a tradeoff - audio through the media player and vehicle speakers will always be louder and better than on the device - but it will be out of sync, unless it can be adjusted in the device. So you can pick louder/better/out-of-sync or audio on the device that will not be as high quality or as loud but will be in sync...

EVRider | 22 août 2019

@bp: I think Elon said YouTube and Netflix, and the OP was watching YouTube. He might have said this would be in V10 (I’m not sure), but we’ll see.