New Windshield cost

New Windshield cost

Hello All,

My Model 3 broke her front windshield today, I am trying to find out how much the repair would cost if anyone has gotten it replaced recently. I have already booked appointment at Tesla repair shop for Aug 27 :(


VolleyballNE1 | 20 août 2019

The windshield itself is around $585 list price. So my total repair was under $950 from JN Phillips.
2 weeks to get the windshield so get the order in fast.

ozonelives | 20 août 2019

Hopefully you have comprehensive insurance and only need to pay your deductible.

Heritagesb | 20 août 2019

I was just quoted $621 in parts and $341 labor by the SC in Denver.

RWD ☰ | 20 août 2019

I paid $1,041 total at the Oceanside California SC about a month ago.

ManuRandhawa | 20 août 2019

Thanks for this info guys, you are all very helpful. I am still waiting to hear from Tesla Service center Berkeley CA. in the meantime, I called up few shops in my area and i was shocked to hear some Tesla approved shops would charge about $3500-4000 for this repair.

ManuRandhawa | 20 août 2019

Tesla Repair shop at Berkeley will charge $1100

The_Flash | 20 août 2019

$1100 sounds about right. I paid $1099.11 a year ago for a replacement on my Model 3.
good news is, the insurance will cover the cost (All or partial depends on your coverage). I had to pay $500 deductible and got the rest reimbursed.

ManuRandhawa | 20 août 2019

My insurance doesn't replace with OEM parts, so they will probably send me to one of Nationwide approved shops for some aftermarket glass. But I am nervous how that will work out for a Tesla, since they will need to carefully adjust the front cameras and wiper rain sensor.....

CST | 20 août 2019

Good news for you is there is no after-market windshield for the car.

ManuRandhawa | 20 août 2019

Thank you CST, that is exactly what i was hoping

CST | 20 août 2019

Tell your insurance that I said so - that should end the discussion :)

ywang | 20 août 2019

Exact thing happened to me today, I was driving on 59, a rock hit and form a glass flower at driving side. I thought it was easy repair. Parked under the Texas sun for half day, it created a 2 feet long crack! Called Tesla and was directed to my phone app to make a appointment, the earliest appointment is August 27! Search online, realize it will be costly. We are in the same boat.

ODWms | 20 août 2019

In Florida, the law requires insurance companies to foot the entire bill for a windshield replacement, no deductible. I'm sure they cover their costs in the premiums and more than make up for it, but the coverage is there.

Atoms | 21 août 2019

About $850 for glass shop using Tesla glass and $950 for Tesla. Covered 100% by glass insurance using glass shop.

-TheJohn- | 21 août 2019

$831 at the Tempe SC back in February. Had my windshield seriously bulls-eyed on New Years eve by someone/something.. Here's to zero deductible glass coverage from state farm for a couple of bucks a month.

Steve S. | 21 août 2019

Had mine replaced a few months ago, service center charged ~$1000. The SC also said that they no longer replace windshields unless it’s a warranty repair. They now contract through safelite for replacements, it’s a bit confusing because safelite has to get the windshield from a Tesla SC before they can install it... whatever.

As others have said, there is no non-oem supplier so you have to use Tesla glass. Also, the autopilot camera isn’t mounted to the windshield so there isn’t a need to align it (I think it does go through a cal cycle though).

ManuRandhawa | 21 août 2019

My Nationwide agent told me that they think reasonable cost for this windshield replacement is $553 but Tesla is asking for $1100. $500 is my deductible so insurance is paying like $53 for this job..... I feel like why the hell i was paying these people

jimglas | 21 août 2019

I had mine replaced yesterday at the Tesla SC after crack from a rock.
$837 total cost installed with sensors realigned.

ManuRandhawa | 21 août 2019

@jimglas: Which Service center did you go to? I think prices are higher in SF bay area

jimglas | 21 août 2019

Littleton, CO

texM3AWD | 22 août 2019

anyone noticing a slight / faint "rattle" (probably wind noise as it only shows up between 45-55mph and is not noticeable at lower speeds and at higher speeds road noise drowns it out) post replacement? also - why does the frunk tub need to be replaced for a windshield installation ? service center broke off driver side frunk tub clips where frunk tub latches into frunk ... made mobile ranger appointment for 2 weeks from now to replace those clips so driver side of frunk tub clips in and doesn;t show as large of a gap with frunk / body...

MDMatt | 22 août 2019

We had a windshield that we replaced in a Honda Civic, with the camera and sensors on the top, it had to be re-calibrated after the new glass was installed. We recently got a chip in our M3 windshield, Safelite came out, they said they do not have the equipment to do the calibration after replacing the glass, so they did not charge me anything and said to go to the SC. So if you are going with non-Tesla, make sure they do have the equipment for the calibration of the cameras after a windshield replacement.

Just my $0.02...

lbowroom | 22 août 2019

"My Nationwide agent told me that they think reasonable cost for this windshield replacement is $553 "

They are liable for actual cost to replace, not what they think is reasonable. What do they base that on anyway, $1100 for a windshield replacement isn't uncommon.

texM3AWD | 22 août 2019

"My Nationwide agent told me that they think reasonable cost for this windshield replacement is $553 "

doesn't matter what they *think*. There's only OEM glass for M3 available and that has a set price. what they think is irrelevant.

ManuRandhawa | 29 août 2019

@Ibowroom : I hear you... this is exactly same thing Nationwide told me too.... I have a $500 comprehensive before insurance kicks in.... That means they are offering to pay only $35 for this job...... that's super silly.. Another silly thing i am hearing from nationwide is.... since this is a Glass only claim they wont reimburse for rental car that i picked up, since my car had to stay at shop overnight.....

I feel like why the hell i was paying these people..... and this is my very first claim in last 9-10 years.

My final cost for windshield replacement at Tesla SC in Berkeley came out to be $1081.39.

@texM3AWD: I ll didnt notice any noise that you are mentioning, but i ll definitely pay more attention next time. Also i haven't opened up car's frunk after car came back from repair i ll check that as well.

cjw888 | 27 novembre 2019

$1085 windshield replacement and camera re-calibration. Nov. 2019, Dublin, CA Tesla Service Center

Lonestar10_1999 | 27 novembre 2019

$1022 October 2019, Devon PA Tesla Service Center (includes sales tax)