Software update in progress as I speak!

Software update in progress as I speak!

I just got home and my phone showed a software update from Tesla. I pushed "install" so now I'm just waiting!!! Is this the long awaited version 10?!!! Anybody?

Magic 8 Ball | 20 août 2019

I baking peaches.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 août 2019

I am baking peaches, should be done when your software update is done.

Lbanworth | 20 août 2019

I'm still waiting!!!!!!!!!! Is this the one?!!!

JustSaying | 20 août 2019

Probably 2019.28..3.1 that's the one I downloaded last night.

geedub1023 | 20 août 2019

The one I got today was 2019.28.3.1

dbwitt | 20 août 2019

Unless you are in the early access group, wide release of V10 is still 4-8 weeks away (per Elon on twitter today).

raqball | 20 août 2019

I doubt it's 10 but who knows..

jdcollins5 | 20 août 2019

I just downloaded 2019.28.3.1.

BuffaloBillsFan | 20 août 2019

Did not overwhelm. Cool that the keys will determine driver profile, but I have my doubts that it will work correctly if both my wife and I approach the car at the same time. Plus, I get to play chess!

I was hoping for red-light recognition, stop sign awareness, and true auto summon. Haven’t driven my car yet, and I hear it does better with abrupt braking and cruise control. Plus fewer dancing cars at stoplights. I will wait until I drive tomorrow.

Lesson to me: don’t expect what you are going to get before you get an update.

But maybe the next update will have what I expected from this one? Hope springs eternal!

Still love my M3P!

Lbanworth | 20 août 2019

What's new with the latest update?

Lbanworth | 20 août 2019

You're all right! It's 28.3.1 Thanks!!!

Lbanworth | 20 août 2019

You're all right! It's 28.3.1 Thanks!!!

EVRider | 20 août 2019

@lbanworth: Elon said today V10 is 4-8 weeks away, which translates to maybe by the end of the year.

The release notes will tell you what you got. If you already had 24.4, I don’t think 28.x adds anything new.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 août 2019

Does 24.4 have chess?

Lbanworth | 20 août 2019

Thanks EVRider! It will just be that much sweeter when we finally do get it! Lovin' Tesla!!!

EVRider | 20 août 2019

@Magic: My mistake, 28.1 added some new stuff including chess, 28.2 and 28.3.x didn’t add anything new (for Model 3). Hard to keep track with so many updates (which isn’t a bad thing).

Magic 8 Ball | 20 août 2019

Just checking, we are on 24.4 and am looking forward to chess, thought I may have missed it.

Joseb | 20 août 2019

"Software update in Progress" right now :-)
I'm currently with 20.4.2

jjgunn | 20 août 2019

I noticed lane changes on NoAP have now improved -- car actually accelerated into the lane change as a Prius tried to speed up to block the lane change.

2019.28.3.1 -- I like it so far. Also premium stereo may have improved codecs

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 20 août 2019

I went from 28.2 to 28.3.1. No changes to the release notes. I still haven’t tried chess. Looking forward to the drive tomorrow to see if I can detect changes to NoAP.

Joseb | 20 août 2019

Done, updated to 28.3.1
- Chess, already beat it lowest level, man I'm so rusty
- Driver profile linked to key
- plus something about lowering music when you open the door, which I thought it already did :-)

leo33 | 21 août 2019

@jjgunn Me too. Lane changing seems improved over 28.2. It's definitely better than when I had 24.4.

petersenger | 21 août 2019

I got my M3 on July 2019 with version 2019.20.4.2
No update information until today even after whole night connected to WLAN.
Any idea what's going on???

hokiegir1 | 21 août 2019

@joseb - I believe it now lowers the music for any door opening where before it was just the driver's door.

@petersenger - Patience. It takes a couple weeks to roll out fleet-wide. This push just started in high volumes 3 days ago and is moving faster than many, but it will still take a bit of time to reach everyone.

dsvick | 21 août 2019

Unless you're one of the first ones to get it, you see notices all over the forums and the internet when V10 starts rolling out widely. And, weeks before that, you'll see articles about early access people getting it.

EVRider | 21 août 2019

@petersenger: In your car, use Controls > Software Update and make sure the setting is Advanced. That will get you updates sooner.

Joseb | 21 août 2019

@hokiegir1 ah thanks, think you are right.

After the update, only driven it once, everything seems normal. However, the bluetooth range dropped? Couple of times just this morning, I approached my car, had the phone in my jacket, and it wouldn't open the door. I have done this in the past no problem.
Also tried to open the trunk and didn't open until I had to approach the driver's door first.

Anyone else noticed something similar? Hope is just a hiccup with my phone's BT.

dsvick | 21 août 2019


Like a computer it is best to reboot after a software update. I also check for app updates and then reboot my phone as well.

jarwoods | 21 août 2019

Pretty easy to check to see what version people are getting. I'll get excited for V10 when I see someone actually get it.

EVRider | 21 août 2019

@jarwoods: You won't know when people are getting V10 until you know what the first V10 build number is. TeslaFi won't show that. Elon said V10 is 4-8 weeks away, which probably means a lot longer than that.

jarwoods | 21 août 2019

So start watching for new build changes in 4-8 weeks... 28.3.1 been rolling out for almost a week now. Nothing new here.

Effopec | 21 août 2019

I noticed that 28.3.1 is a little quicker from a stop in TACC or EAP than before. I still end up stepping on the go pedal a lot, but at least there's a small improvement.

raqball | 21 août 2019

Getting an update now coming from 28.2 so I assume i'll land on 28.3.1 like the rest...

Mikael13 | 21 août 2019

Interesting. I didn’t get notification on my phone but when I launched my Tesla app, a software update was available - 2019.28.3.1. Thanks for the heads up guys!

Now I have chess. And I need to buy a controller for Beach Buggy :-)

raqball | 21 août 2019

Yup I landed on 28.3.1 was well...

SolArray | 21 août 2019

to Joseb - Yes on 28.2 and 28.3 I have sent in bug report about phone key problems that didn't previously exist.
(1) In close range, App may say "Disconnected" then after frustrating delay "Connected" and provide access
(2) Once in car, status can return to "Dis..." and after a wait return to "Con..." and then allows (after touching brake) Profile to be applied and car to be put in gear.
... This may have to do with the computer starting to switch from WiFi to LTE after starting and some delay in "credentials of phone key" during that handoff.
In any event..., this is a performance downgrade that was unexpected and hopefully they will diagnose/fix it soon.
[Of course, the key card can be used instead - but phone key functionality needs to be optimized.]

EVRider | 22 août 2019

@Mikael13: If you didn’t get a notification, maybe the Tesla app wasn’t running in the background. If you have an iPhone, check the Tesla app settings and make sure Background App Refresh is enabled. There’s probably a similar setting for Android.

wiscy67 | 22 août 2019

I got the update notification on my iPhone XR even though my Tesla app was closed. Background App Refresh is on. And Tesla app - Settings, Notifications shows Software Updates is checked.

ali163 | 22 août 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan: Elon said the car can triangulate your location based on the bluetooth on your phone. So I'm guessing it will only load up the profile of whoever is on the driver seat.

I saw this in action when I got a model s loaner the door handles would only pop out when I go near the driver side door and not any of the passenger doors.

Mikael13 | 22 août 2019

Thanks EVRider. But my notifications are always on for the Tesla app background is app refresh is on. I blame my iPhone and not Tesla. Ha!

EVRider | 22 août 2019

@ali163: The Model S detects the key fob and doesn’t use Bluetooth, so it’s not the same mechanism. Model S only presents the handles if it detects a key fob near the driver’s door, by design.

@Mikael13: Make sure the notifications you want are turned on in the Tesla app. Updates to the app have been known to change notification settings.