Facelift 90D - 90% charge going down fast

Facelift 90D - 90% charge going down fast

I have a 85 RWD and 90D and I have noticed that my 90D has twice the degradation of the my 85 with HALF the miles. At 42k miles I am approaching 10% degradation, while my 85 has been consistent at 3% the last 30k miles. My 85 regularly charges to 232 miles at 90% (rated new at 265) while my 90D is currently at 241 miles at 90% (rated at 294). Chatted with Mary at Tesla support, she told me I could have a HV battery diagnostic on my car and stated range is dependent on how we drive (SMH). I tried to explain "rated" miles, but there was no hope for her. Are the 90D's that bad? I have tried to balance the battery pack / charge 100%, but it has no impact on range short or long term.

PrescottRichard | 2 septembre 2019


I thought my 90D was 294 rated as well when I bought it. Window sticker says 270. Have 77k on it and it rates around 260 @ 100%. Don’t suppose that helps? You’re at 266 for 100%.

Which firmware are you on? Everyone is gonna want to know your charging habits too. Did you have the 90D new? If so did you ever get 294 out of it?

rxlawdude | 2 septembre 2019

The chemistry change (more silicon on the anode?) caused lots of reports of the 90 batteries degrading much faster than previous (and subsequent, presumably) batteries.
I wouldn't buy a used 90 for this reason, especially an early one.

Silver2K | 2 septembre 2019

What Rx said.

My P90D suffered the same date long ago

scottycs | 3 septembre 2019


P90D is rated at 270, Facelift 90D is rated at 294. Last year during this time I was getting 258 at 90% charge, now I am getting 241-244.

Silver2K | 3 septembre 2019


PrescottRichard | 3 septembre 2019

Scott- the window sticker for my car says 270, even though Tesla listed it as 294. I realize the P cars are a little lower. Even so, 241 sounds low!

Silver2K | 3 septembre 2019

P90d at 41k and 95kW rate and those numbers is normal. A 90d with similar numbers needs to be at the service center

Silver2K | 3 septembre 2019


scottycs | 4 septembre 2019

Unfortunately, this is normal according to Tesla.

murphyS90D | 5 septembre 2019

My pre-facelift S90D was rated at 288. The Monroney sticker says 270. I actually get 277 (calculated) after 3.5 years.

mcdonsco | 5 septembre 2019

Curious, my MS P100D is almost exactly two years old now and has 20,000 miles on it...when I first got it and chargers to the top daily notch (last notch before trip) I would see a range of 289. Now I see 277, is that normal degradation or...?

Silver2K | 5 septembre 2019



mcdonsco | 5 septembre 2019

Silver, will the rate of degradation slow down after this point? Just curious because at this rate 10 years from now would it be a 40% loss or more.

Silver2K | 5 septembre 2019

10-12% is normal up to 100k + miles.

I have 210kmile with 238 mile range and my car started off at 270

Bighorn | 6 septembre 2019

Had less than 12% at 200k miles

Silver2K | 6 septembre 2019

Depends on pack. I'm not sure about the 100. I know it's normal on the 90 and 6-10% is normal on the 85s from my experience

trevor58 | 6 septembre 2019

About 11-12% loss at 100% SOC after 186,000 miles
2013 S85

larry | 8 septembre 2019

I have a facelift 1/2017 90D, which was rated at 294. When new, it reliably got 265-268 regularly at 90%, and then, at about 25k miles, it quickly went to 248-252 at 90%, and has stayed there ever since. I use a combination of mostly home charging and occasional SC charging, almost always to 90%, and currently have about 53k miles...

electronhauler | 11 septembre 2019

I have a 2016 90D (just prior to facelift). I acquired it at the beginning of August 2016. the original 100% range was 285 miles, within a year it degraded to 266 miles, in August of 2018 it was 263 miles, and now it is 262 miles. The mileage on the car is 97,000 miles (about 32k per year) also the supercharging max power is limited to 95 kW which occurs around 54% SoC. If the charging stations are 'easy off easy on' from the highway I will limit supercharging to about 70% max, which keeps the journey times overall a bit more efficient.

Elroy Jetson | 13 septembre 2019

90D purchased 12/15. Initially, the charge at 100% was right around 300 miles. Today at 100% I'm just under 250 miles. My 90% charge is at 224. I have about 150,000 miles on the vehicle now.