Tesla Servers

Tesla Servers

Servers down?

dborn | 2 septembre 2019

Seems that way, yep.

Silver2K | 2 septembre 2019

Maintenance. Message at bottom of app when trying to connect

Huachipato | 2 septembre 2019

I got stuck away from home... Fortunately not far. I normally don't carry the key with me so this was inconvenient. Had I been further from home it could have been a bigger problem.

Bighorn | 2 septembre 2019

Same issue trying to geolocate my daughter.

david_gelfand | 2 septembre 2019

Are all Tesla engineers so incompetent!!?

Bighorn | 2 septembre 2019

Works now

Silver2K | 3 septembre 2019

David. Server maintenance is normal.. calm down.

I lost connection and now have idles fees. :)

TranzNDance | 3 septembre 2019

I was having trouble connecting to the car via the Tesla app. I then saw that Teslafi had been able to get data from the car during the supposed server down time. I signed out of the app, signed back in and things are working again.

johncrab | 3 septembre 2019

The outage lasted 4:23:XX on a Monday holiday afternoon/evening when most Americans are assumed to be getting hammered and while the rest of the world is asleep. I really feel for those who got locked out and/or stranded. I really do. There but for the crates of cod go I. What is more worrisome is the increasing Supercharge outages, "reduced service", etc. which lasts for months at a given site. More signs that Tesla is chasing Elon's bright, shiny objects while ignoring the nuts and bolts that hold together the company.

Bighorn | 3 septembre 2019

I’ll repeat since I’m a heavy user. I’ve never been unable to supercharge in thousands of encounters. There is no trending deterioration of stations.
And somebody explain how they got locked out of their car or couldn’t start it yesterday. Model 3 works via BT, right?
Gotta love misanthropic hypotheticals.

Silver2K | 3 septembre 2019


Tesla has been great in taking car of SCs for the most part, but Utica issues have not been resolved for months now and Binghamton has a connector that is missing a tip for a while now. Both those locations are getting much busier and Tesla has been notified a few times.

Silver2K | 3 septembre 2019

Also, I don't understand why someone can't get in their car when servers are down, unless they purposely leave the fob home and use their phone to get in and drive.

If that's what owners are doing, then they are idiots.

Ohmster | 3 septembre 2019

I regularly leave my FOB and Phone in the car and lock with the watch. But only when I know I have a good AT&T signal. Also know that if something happens, it’s on me. Idiot? That might be a bit harsh.

rxlawdude | 3 septembre 2019

Anyone else have no app connectivity at this time (7:45p PDT)?

Bighorn | 3 septembre 2019

Connected to both cars at 7:50PDT

Shesmyne2 | 3 septembre 2019

I’ve been good all day...connectivity, I mean

Still Grinning ;-)

rxlawdude | 3 septembre 2019

Yep, just logged out and back in, all is well. Thx!

NKYTA | 3 septembre 2019

Somebody above mentioned the trick above, if you have two cars, use the Settings top left to connect to the other. Worked for me this morning. I didn’t check yesterday, I wasn’t Laboring.

Fine now.

Maintenance + probably over caching on their servers with another glitch, also fixed quickly.

@johncrab is an idiot, whatever else he is, he is that.

Just got a notification from Tesla said if you are still having problems that you should log out and back in. If you have multiple cars, switch to the other and switchback. 8:22 Pacific

PrescottRichard | 3 septembre 2019

Had a Tesla app message on my phone just now suggesting to log out and back in if I wasn’t seeing all of my Tesla products due to a server problem recently.

I wasn’t having the issues everyone here has had... hope that helps someone.

Ohmster | 3 septembre 2019

Have two cars. The X was locked up in the app. Could not switch to the S.

RedJ | 3 septembre 2019

I have a model S as well as Tesla solar. My models S wasn’t connecting until I re-selected it in settings.

johncrab | 4 septembre 2019

@NKYTA - Thanks! Coming from you that's a real compliment. After all, I've used latrines which were less full of shit than you.

Silver2K | 4 septembre 2019

I can't connect to my MY.

Johncrab, don't be so crabby, NKYTA has contributed more to this forum in the last 30 minutes than you have since you starting posting about Teslas.

Silver2K | 4 septembre 2019


I give up!!! Now I'm having issues with my pixel. Last three devices making spelling mistakes! 3 lemons in a row!

barrykmd | 4 septembre 2019

Maybe it's the operator, Silver...

Silver2K | 4 septembre 2019 if!

rxlawdude | 4 septembre 2019

OMG. The next thing we'll hear is @Silver has gone to an iPhone. iOS misspellings are much more accurate. (Like "military intelligence.")

AIA304 | 5 septembre 2019

When I used to do updates to servers and or networking infrastructure, we had to file with change control to bring these types of equipment down for maintenance or for anything that took the systems offline.

Change control made sure other things such as power or any other doing the same , or month, quarter, or year end.

And if there was nothing impacting our work we wanted or needed to do, the times allowed by change control was on Sat or Sunday at 2am. This scheduled maintenance approved by change control did not impact our 99.9% uptime service level agreement.

That was back when I supported the network, now I just want to use the network.