Elon Burns Jalopnik

Elon Burns Jalopnik

Jalopnik tried to burn Elon but he roasted them to a crisp.

SamO | 6 septembre 2019

And then . . . Insult added to injury, Jalopnik’s parent company now is ordering staff not to criticize advertisers.

“Earlier this year, investment firm Great Hill partners purchased G/O Media, the company known as Gizmodo Media Group and Gawker Media, and installed former Forbes executive Jim Spanfeller as the company’s CEO. Spanfeller has largely delegated editorial tasks to a deputy, but in his limited interactions with top editorial staff, he’s made a number of suggestions that have raised eyebrows.

As the new chief of G/O Media, Spanfeller has seemingly attempted to diverge from the old Gawker ways of doing business. According to sources inside the company, he has pushed the sites to allow relationships with advertisers to shape their coverage. Two people with knowledge told The Daily Beast that in a private meeting, Spanfeller reviewed the coverage of Lexus with the editor-in-chief of Jalopnik, a car-focused website, to ensure that its stories did not discourage the luxury automaker from advertising with G/O sites. On a separate occasion, sources said, the new CEO suggested that reporters and editors at Kotaku—once a Gawker-owned gaming website—bring a sales representative to interviews with gaming executives.”

SamO | 6 septembre 2019


andy.connor.e | 6 septembre 2019

First he got burned. Then he got roasted.

jimglas | 16 septembre 2019

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