Pano roof chip

Pano roof chip

I have a 2017 Model S with sunroof. I just noticed that the stationary section of the roof has a rock chip in it. Don't ask me how it got there, but it's definitely chipped. I've called a couple glass shops and they won't touch it because it's not a windshield. Any recommendations? One glass shop said I should go to a body shop. But I'm hoping to just get the chip filled, not replace the whole piece of glass.

lilbean | 10 septembre 2019

Picture? If it's small, you could fix it yourself with a windshield repair kit.

mcleand333 | 10 septembre 2019

I didn’t know such things existed! It’s about 1/8” in diameter and has a little depth to it. I’ll check out the kit option. Thank you.

Tldickerson | 10 septembre 2019

Great idea lilbean. I remember you fixed your windshield.

lilbean | 11 septembre 2019

Hi Tl! Thanks again :) My car attracts rocks. I had it garaged since getting the 3 and as soon as I drive it again, rock chip!

I hope it works out, @mclean.