All weather Mats

All weather Mats

I need an advice from 2019 Model S owners.
I have been shopping around for the best all weather floor mats for my new 2019 Model S. I seems like the 3D Maxpider all weather mats are the best considering look and design, but I did't find any perfect fit for 2019. Any suggestions?

jordanrichard | 11 septembre 2019

The stock mats are all weather. Any floor mat in any car is "all weather". They get dirty, you clean/vacuum them.

mizunosan | 11 septembre 2019

I've been using the Tesla ones and they fit perfectly. Weathertech makes them and Tesla just badges them with Tesla logo.

davidjal | 12 septembre 2019

My factory driver side mat does not stay in place. The velcro w/ adhesive just doesn't hold up over time. Tesla says they don't sell just the velcro w/ adhesive I have to buy a new set of four mats to replace, which I think is ridiculous. Has someone bought replacement velcro w/ adhesive that holds up? | 12 septembre 2019

My Tesla all weather mats fit perfectly in my first Model S (2014) and my new 2019 Raven. No issue with them sliding/moving at all. No reason to look elsewhere.

Yodrak. | 12 septembre 2019

I'm happy with my 3D Maxpider floor mats. They will fit your 2019, even though ads may not be updated to say so.

Yodrak. | 12 septembre 2019

I should add, I had Weathertech in my previous car and was happy with them as well. I did not buy them for my Tesla because the Tesla branded ones are only available in black and I have the cream interior so didn't want to cover the floor with black and lose the cream that I'd paid for.