Tesla has managed to even make batteries sexy. I never though I’d ever say THAT...

andy.connor.e | 13 septembre 2019
jimglas | 13 septembre 2019

very exciting

RedShift | 13 septembre 2019

Very nice.

gballant4570 | 13 septembre 2019

Tesla keeps moving..... the Tesla battery tech lead that VW and Audi now recognize is getting extended.

kevin_rf | 13 septembre 2019

Unless, they are smart an go the route North American Aviation did on the Navaho missile back in the 50's.

Instead of inventing tons of technology and keeping it to themselves, NAA made it available to other manufactures. Specifically the rocket engines spun off to become Rockedyne and power every thing from Thor, Atlas, and Saturn rockets. The guidance technology was made available to other manufactures on many missile and launch systems... who remembers Rockwell International? Space Shuttle?

Now, if Tesla was smart, they could take the lead they have in battery technology and make it available (for a profit). It will make them stronger, and keep the automotive market healthy.

Switchmon | 13 septembre 2019

Battery porn

calvin940 | 13 septembre 2019

I want to know when they will be looking at Graphene battery tech.

kevin_rf | 13 septembre 2019

I want to know when they will have the tech to make a 300 kwh SR and 500 kwh LR AWD

jrweiss98020 | 13 septembre 2019

They even have their condoms on!

Daryl | 14 septembre 2019

The new battery technology looks interesting, but I notice they don't talk about charging rate. Will it work on the version 3 superchargers? Or does it require a slower charging rate?

There are so many factors to consider with battery technology that a breakthrough in one criteria doesn't always mean a better battery.

jordanrichard | 14 septembre 2019

Daryl, I am sure they wouldn’t come up with a new, to be released next year that can’t be charged at a super fast rate, if it couldn’t be used on the just now going in, V3 chargers.