Weird issue with app just now

Weird issue with app just now

Was in the app a few minutes ago and went to settings where I saw a new option “Switch to Model 3” so of course I tried it. The app reverted to a display from September 1st, showed the car was charging (it was not) and that I have approx 300 miles less than I do (likely mileage on that date). Spinner was in forever mode

Anyway guessing that the switch option is if you have multiple cars maybe, not sure why it showed up for me.

Had to logout and wipe out my settings, re-login and setup my phone as a key.

Just in case anyone else runs into this.

Smalm | 13 septembre 2019

That or maybe I discovered the time-machine option hmmmm

EVRider | 13 septembre 2019

I do have multiple cars (an S and a 3), but I recently noticed another 3 when I was unable to connect to the “real” 3. When I switched to the “fake” 3, it became the real one, and everything started working normally. The fake 3 was identified as “Model 3” unlike the real one, which uses the car’s name, until I switched to it.

On my other mobile device, I was unable to connect to my Model S, until I switched to the 3 and then back again. I didn’t notice a fake S.

I think perhaps Tesla made some changes to the car info on their end that broke the connection to the app. People are also seeing the “wrong” car in their My Tesla accounts (correct VIN but incorrect visualization), which may be related.