Unknown driver to test the Plaid Model S tomorrow at the N’ring

Unknown driver to test the Plaid Model S tomorrow at the N’ring

This just in. Some user called Darthamerica has been approached by Tesla to run the S in the N’ring.

They read his comments about how the S ‘prepares to understeer’ while the Taycan does not, in corners.

They figured he must be an expert racer in the same league as the top racers of today. It seems Darth’s hourly rates are much lower, and since Tesla likes to cut corners any place they can find them, it’s going to be Darth y’all!

Bighorn | 14 septembre 2019

Will he wear his Darth helmet, like the Stig?

Mike83 | 14 septembre 2019

May the Force win.

RedShift | 14 septembre 2019

Real drivers don’t need helmets. Plus it’s rumored that Darth skull is 2-3 times naturally thicker.

carlk | 14 septembre 2019

Does he have permission from mom to get out of the basement?

Darthamerica | 14 septembre 2019

Wow Taycan has y'all so shook you're trolling me with special threads lol. Hey listen, I didn't build Taycan or Model S. I just drive them like the rest of you. Don't be mad at me because a competitor on the track showed up. You should be happy! You'll get a better Tesla because of it...

Mathew98 | 14 septembre 2019

Yup, keep driving them boy. Which version of Taycan did he drive one might wonder. It was the Douchebag edition, of course. Only Taycan prototypes have been spotted in selected places, but of course some schmuck happened to be driving one already. Hey forker, they won't deliver any Taycan till next year!

Dumb@ss can't even keep track of his lies straight...

RedShift | 14 septembre 2019

I’m shakin’ and I’m twisting... look Ma, I’m dancing!

Darthamerica | 14 septembre 2019

Matt you're not that smart are you?

RedShift | 14 septembre 2019

He most definitely isn’t smart, Darth. You are way smarter.

Good luck tomorrow. Make that thang understeer/oversteer, and dance on the ring.

Darthamerica | 14 septembre 2019

Red don’t jinx it!

Tropopause | 14 septembre 2019


Surely, you must get paid to promote your FUD on this forum?!? Sad as that is, it's even more so if you don't!

PrescottRichard | 14 septembre 2019

Maybe not every thread has to have Taycan posts? Just an idea.

Looking forward to hearing how the S does.

Tropopause | 15 septembre 2019

This Taycan vs. Model S competition is fun to watch. The back-bone of Tesla right now is Model 3, for sure, but a little fun at the Ring sure gets people excited.

I think Porsche needed a leg to stand on when comparing Taycan to Model S and since the specs didn't measure up they came up with the track capability idea, thinking Tesla wouldn't care about track since Tesla is trying to save the planet; but Elon is very competitive and accepted Porsche's challenge. Now Porsche's only bragging right is being threatened by Model S on the Ring. It's good for Porsche and good for Tesla, good for consumers and the planet.

SamO | 15 septembre 2019

When Taycan loses its record after 1 week, how many people at Porsche get fired?

What’s the over/under.

Then Roadster with SpaceX package will set a new record and Porsche will likely be bankrupt before they launch another EV “sportscar”.

SamO | 15 septembre 2019

This could be Porsche last record of any kind at any racetrack.


Tropopause | 15 septembre 2019

$7B investment in Taycan. Porsche is betting the farm. All or nothing.

Mathew98 | 15 septembre 2019

Better hope they didn't bet the oyster farm in VA...

carlk | 15 septembre 2019

All or nothing or all for nothing? I think outcome will be the later.

Silver2K | 15 septembre 2019

All for nothing

PrescottRichard | 15 septembre 2019

Tropopause- fun to watch, but it’s like a political debate on every channel and I prefer to watch Comedy Central :)

So the S still hasn’t done a lap yet?

Anthony J. Parisio | 16 septembre 2019