Tesla Wall Charger - No Status Lights

Tesla Wall Charger - No Status Lights

My electrician did the wiring and installed my Tesla Wall Charger for me today. The status light on the charger itself is non-existent. No green, red, or yellow at any time. BUT when I plug it in the charger works appropriately. Should I be concerned?

akikiki | 14 septembre 2019

Works for me.

murphyS90D | 15 septembre 2019

The status lights are not connected when the wall charger is shipped.. The installer has to plug the connector in. It's covered in the instructions. Apparently your installer didn't bother to read them.

sentabo | 15 septembre 2019

Thanks a lot, murphyS90D. That certainly explains it. Obviously I didn't bother to read the instructions thoroughly either, and placed a little too much faith in the notion that my electrician would do that for me.