When will Tesla announce one millionth unit delivered (S,3,X,Y)?

When will Tesla announce one millionth unit delivered (S,3,X,Y)?

Surprised we haven't heard Tesla announce that they have already produced the one millionth cumulative Tesla worldwide. This includes Model S, X and 3 (also the Roadster). Of course, this is a different number in terms of timing than one million Teslas delivered to customers.

So far, on the VIN tracking threads, we have:

Model S 343769 @HETZ

Model X 192067 @teodor.suveica1

Model 3 494xxx @scott.trott

If they do announce it, it will likely be after this quarter's numbers are reported.

Yay Tesla!

greg | 16 septembre 2019

Not every VIN issued to Tesla is always used in a customer vehicle, so basing the number made by the highest VIN is not likely to be accurate.

But yes, they must be getting close to 1 Million Tesla vehicles made (if not actually delivered) in total, later this year.

They must also be close to the half a million Model 3s number as well.

Mike83 | 16 septembre 2019

Holy smoke. Great news. Also look at the miles Teslas have driven collecting data needed to advance FSD. At the end of 2018 Tesla miles were 9 BILLION miles.
This is killer for ICE Worldwide.

sbeggs | 5 octobre 2019

Tesla probably skipped a lot of VIN numbers, assigning them well in advance for European or China deliveries, I would guess.

SamO | 5 octobre 2019


ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 octobre 2019

SamO beat me to it... but I don't use twitter anyway, so... SOON. ;-)

SamO | 5 octobre 2019

That’s just so I find stuff with google search later. ;-)

Mike83 | 6 octobre 2019

I read that Smart Summon was used 550,000 times in the first 2 days of release. Soon we'll be talking about how many billions of miles using FSD at various levels of autonomy. Tesla has the figures but it isn't public yet.

Mike83 | 6 octobre 2019

I read that Smart Summon was used 550,000 times in the first 2 days of release. Soon we'll be talking about how many billions of miles using FSD at various levels of autonomy. Tesla has the figures but it isn't public yet.

sbeggs | 7 octobre 2019

@Mike83, hopefully all in empty parking lots!

TexasBob | 7 octobre 2019

Still have a ways to go. Total sales worldwide = 784,595. US sales should pass 500k by Halloween. WW sales will pass 1 million in early 2Q 2020 assuming about 100k per quarter for next two quarters (strong 4Q followed by typical soft 1Q). If GF3 comes online, could accelerate to late 1Q 2020 instead.

Quarter Total Sales
Q1 2013 4,900
Q2 2013 5,150
Q3 2013 5,500
Q4 2013 6,892
Q1 2014 6,457
Q2 2014 7,579
Q3 2014 7,785
Q4 2014 9,834
Q1 2015 10,045
Q2 2015 11,532
Q3 2015 11,603
Q4 2015 17,478
Q1 2016 14,820
Q2 2016 14,402
Q3 2016 24,821
Q4 2016 22,254
Q1 2017 25,051
Q2 2017 22,026
Q3 2017 26,137
Q4 2017 29,967
Q1 2018 29,997
Q2 2018 40,740
Q3 2018 83,725
Q4 2018 90,700
Q1 2019 63,000
Q2 2019 95,200
Q3 2019 97,000
Total 784,595

TexasBob | 7 octobre 2019

Source Wikipedia so it must be true

Kathy Applebaum | 7 octobre 2019

> I read that Smart Summon was used 550,000 times in the first 2 days of release.

That was just two people using it a whole lot though. LOL

Mike83 | 7 octobre 2019

I saw a guy trying to get hit by the car using Smart Summon. It didn't. I like the people icons it shows. Nice that the cameras record everything so fakers can be exposed.
We find, as many others, that it works well and going under 5 mph and in beta it is very careful. The anti Tesla FUD won't stop but they can be monitored.

Ross1 | 8 octobre 2019

> I read that Smart Summon was used 550,000 times in the first 2 days of release.

pics or it didnt happen

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 octobre 2019

Mike83: Aye, aye, Sir! FUDsters will be monitored, identified, and called out! Much to their dismay, I'm sure. Shields up to deflect acidic crocodile tears and claims of persecution.

Mike83 | 8 octobre 2019

ReD. Some have been caught and charged like the woman who keyed a Tesla and a motorcycle who broke off a side mirror. With 8 cameras recording it is easy to get the felons.
Any Tesla bounty hunters out there? ;-)

jithesh | 8 octobre 2019

I hope its S3XY

sbeggs | 14 octobre 2019

A chart I saw on Twitter showed the number of Teslas produced, broken down by no autopilot, autopilot 1, autopilot 2.

The total number was just under 800,000, so I think it will be in quarter one 2020 that we hit one million.

sbeggs | 17 février 2020

This quarter?

andy.connor.e | 17 février 2020

doubt it. Probably next quarter.

sbeggs | 6 mars 2020

Need to update op. Note to self!

JAD | 6 mars 2020

Looking like it will just be a statement during the earnings call in April, "During this quarter we produced our 1,000,000th EV!"

RayNLA | 10 mars 2020


RayNLA | 10 mars 2020
sbeggs | 10 mars 2020


Elon tweets “congratulations team for making our one millionth car!”

WW_spb | 10 mars 2020

And it's model Y

sbeggs | 10 mars 2020

That's cool!

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020

nice. Back when i said probably next quarter i forgot to add in Q4 deliveries.

inconel | 10 mars 2020

Congrats Tesla!
12 years to reach this milestone, now let's do the next 1 million in 2 years :)

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020


Less. They will be making more than 500k cars per year now.

hokiegir1 | 10 mars 2020

@andy -- That's only at Fremont. Add in Shanghi and Berlin, and it should be closer to 800k/year at full volume.

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2020

Yep. Fremont will be ramping to over 500k this year, and now we have china plant. Will be probably 550-600k minimum this year.

sbeggs | 10 mars 2020

Will update op for Y

sbeggs | 11 mars 2020

Can't wait to hear people's reactions to their new Model Ys!

sbeggs | 12 mars 2020

Today is our Model S85's sixth birthday! Happy Birthday, T! When it was delivered, there were only 32723 cars made. Now over one million. Congratulations, Tesla!

hokiegir1 | 12 mars 2020

We drove by a delivery location last night to see if there were any on the lot. Aside from a few optical illusions ("Doesn't that one look like it has a taller front than that other one??"), we did not confirm any Ys in GA yet. :(

sbeggs | 12 mars 2020

We wrote to our original Model S delivery specialist to see if any deliveries of the Y were imminent in San Diego. No answer yet!

jordanrichard | 12 mars 2020

Ok, so just going to put some numbers out there and then you can guess how many cars Tesla will make this year. By the end of 2019 Tesla had sold a total of 900,972 vehicles and just a couple of days ago they made their 1,000,000th vehicle. That is 99,028 vehicles between Jan 1st and Mar. 10th. Just saying. BTW, my vehicle totals come from Tesla earnings reports and I added the 2500 Roadsters.

jordanrichard | 12 mars 2020

Oh and they hadn’t even begin building cars in China by the end of 2019.

Mike83 | 12 mars 2020


ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 mars 2020

Yay! Over 800,000+ units ahead of Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Jaguar, Land Rover, Faraway Future, RIMAC, LUCID, BOLLINGER, RIVIAN, NIO, and others! Tesla is awesome!

Ross1 | 12 mars 2020


sbeggs | 15 mars 2020

I wonder how the Chinese production is going.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15 mars 2020

Ross1: Definitely EACH in the U.S. Probably combined as well.

Mike83 | 15 mars 2020

In China I read that all the Starbucks have reopened and production is ongoing, I believe they are doing 1000/wk but someone should reconfirm. China seems to be over the flu. Yet the entire world has only about 6000 deaths which is not as many as the common flu or accidents. But cleanliness is a great idea. I wonder how doctors treat hypochondriacs who will find ghost systems
What is nice is that carbon emissions will decrease. I need to look at satellite views. The US stopped doing these satellites since they don't think CO2 causes Global Warming but other States like CA may do their own science. Crazy stuff.

Ross1 | 16 mars 2020

Like I posted on another thread, that million is Telas bumper to bumper right across the USA and starting up the coast

andy.connor.e | 16 mars 2020

Solar roofs are at 1k/wk.

Range of uncertainty over the next few months.

Mike83 | 18 mars 2020

Wondering if the Chinese are less panic stricken compared with the US.
I guess Giga Shanghai is producing and may supply Asia.

sbeggs | 19 mars 2020

Although production of finished cars is coming to a halt, shipping is ongoing, and likely deliveries for end of quarter also.

Mike83 | 19 mars 2020

China has had no new virus cases and closed the em hospitals. Starbucks have re-opened there. The US is still catching up I think. Too bad it took so long but they did cut funding for science in many areas. Oh well.