Tesla Wall Connector Issue

Tesla Wall Connector Issue

I just got my used 2018 Model S, and had the Wall Connector installed last week. It worked when it was installed, but the next day, after driving the car and plugging it back in, it stopped working. Every time I plug it in, the voltage goes up to the 240's, but the amp stays at 0-1, then a clicking sound from the Wall Connector occurs, then the voltage goes back down to 0, and then this cycle repeats until I unplug the Wall connector.

The whole time, the Wall Connector is green signifying it is working well. I took the car to a friend's house who only has a NEMA 14-50 but it charged well. It also charged well on my home 120V outlet and on the supercharger. I checked the dip switches, with 1 down, 2 up, and the circular one on 9.

I called Tesla and they are sending me a new Wall Connector. However, I just wanted to get the opinion of people on this forum whether that will fix the issue...I hope it's not something to do with the electrical supply here in Ohio, which is not great.


EVRider | 23 septembre 2019

Maybe the problem is with the electrician. not the wall connector. Hard to say.

JL9184 | 23 septembre 2019

Electricians are one of the companies that Tesla recommended, and the company that did the local Tesla dealership. Who knows if the electrician that did my house was with the company then though.

PrescottRichard | 23 septembre 2019

Double check with the manual to make sure the dip switches are correct. You can find it online, prolly at the Tesla site if you look around.

Sounds like you have narrowed it down to the wall connector you have to me!