New Tesla X New front motor Broke down

New Tesla X New front motor Broke down

I just pulled up behind a New X with new motor broke down.S0 to see if I could help . The car just stopped in the middle of the Highway and the screen indicated there was an issue with the front motor. They called Tesla and was told to call 911 not the standard way to handle it. Usually Tesla would arrange for the car to be picked up . I have a 2019 X with the original motor and was thinking of switching but now I think I will wait. I called the Cherry Hill NJ SC and they said it was not handled correctly.

lilbean | 28 septembre 2019

I saw an X crawling up the street with the hazards on. There was another car following it.

nipper2 | 29 septembre 2019

This one was loaded on a flat bed and towed to Cherry Hill NJ

Enzodriver | 6 octobre 2019

Excellent advice from Tesla putting the safety of their customers first over any commercial interests, if I broke down in middle of highway I think I would evacuate vehicle if safe to do so and call 999 (911) immediately !! It sometimes happens to ICE cars as well seen it all too often.