Confirmed - Sentry Mode adds rear camera recording in 2019.32.11

Confirmed - Sentry Mode adds rear camera recording in 2019.32.11


Rodo | 29 septembre 2019

Did u have to do anything to the USB drive?

Resist | 30 septembre 2019

No you don't have to do anything to the drive.

The dash cam also records from the rear camera too. It's a fisheye view and seems cleaner and brighter than video from the other cameras. The back up camera view then is a cropped picture, because the dash cam rear view shows body parts of the car.

Sure wish Tesla would clean up the video, allow sound and let us view the video car the cars screen.

M3phan | 30 septembre 2019

Sound would require a microphone and I don’t think there are microphones outside the car?...

Magic 8 Ball | 30 septembre 2019

Most excellent!

Trekman | 30 septembre 2019

Unless it's already happened, the Apps (both Android and IOS) need to reflect this. Right now mine, "Sentry Keeper" still only shows the 3 camera views.

gmr6415 | 1 octobre 2019

@Trekman, This online viewer has been updated to support the rear camera.

foodking | 1 octobre 2019

great! i need to update mine

gadget63 | 1 octobre 2019

I bought a wifi 32gig USB stick and now I can watch the videos right from my phone without having to leave the car, or plug it into a computer. One of the best accessories yet for the M3 if you ask me.

Trekman | 1 octobre 2019

@gmr6415 - Kool. I'll bet this one will work on the car's browser.

Dino_Pinoy | 1 octobre 2019

I got V10 2019.32.10 last Friday, Sunday, I received another update 2019.32.11 and today 10/1 i received a notice for another update. What version is it? nothing on Teslafi.

charles.a.braun | 1 octobre 2019