Elon make the vehicles "medical emergency" proof

Elon make the vehicles "medical emergency" proof

Just like lane keeping and tacc. Have it as an option to toggle on and off. If you want to call it "dukes of Hazard avoidance" or "A-team Assurance" that's cool too

EVRider | 1 octobre 2019

What do you mean?

acegreat1 | 1 octobre 2019

Make it so the car stops before it hits somthing/somone. Many times I hear on the news the driver suffered a medical emergency, that's why the vehicle jumped the curb and hit the 2 year old that was walking with her mother on the sidewalk.

Or other times when an "older" driver is being interviewed says "I confused the brake and the gas (fuel) pedal....

PBEndo | 1 octobre 2019

I have questioned the logic behind requiring hands on the wheel (or other methods to detect alertness) only when using AP. If a driver's hands aren't on the wheel at any time, shouldn't AP take over after some interval?

If a distracted/incapacitated driver is behind the wheel of a car heading in my direction, I'd rather the AP take over than nothing at all!

acegreat1 | 1 octobre 2019

@PBEndo +10000000000

acegreat1 | 1 octobre 2019

Even if you scratch your leg or somthing while driving. Enable "positive vehicle control" even if ap is not activated

Haggy | 2 octobre 2019

Yes, the sensible thing to do if no hands are detected would be to act as if the person had let go of the wheel and was unresponsive. i.e. turn on autosteer, send the alerts, and then eventually bring the car to a controlled stop with flashers on. | 3 octobre 2019

At a controlled stop to the road shoulder, not in the active travel lane which is the current function.

dougk71 | 3 octobre 2019

There is a negative impression that Tesla has added to the risk as seen in some viral videos of drivers asleep at the wheel. This is unfair since Tesla is the one car that could save the life of an unconscious or sleepy driver..
I agree this safety feature of allowing a driver to survive falling asleep at the wheel should be advertised and enhanced.
If someone falls asleep in any other car they and other cars are at great risk......not so if it is a Tesla.

PBEndo | 3 octobre 2019

I tweeted Elon a few months ago suggesting that AP take over ANYTIME hands aren't detected on the wheel after a certain interval but it did not get a response.

acegreat1 | 3 octobre 2019

PBEndo I did the same thing, with the same result :(

TranzNDance | 4 octobre 2019

Yeah, I think it would be helpful to have a copilot function as backup when the driver becomes incapacitated or distracted or just needs a break.

acegreat1 | 5 octobre 2019

TranzNDance, I think the same thing would only have a positive effect