Wireless phone charging

Wireless phone charging

Has anyone found a nice wireless charging option for phones? I have the Jeda pad for the Model 3 and was hoping for a similar thing in the X but have yet to find anything ... How are people charging phones without having cables all over the place?

sunsinstudios | 1 octobre 2019

I’ve seen center console trays on RPM and EVANNEX - the tray sits in the larger center console compartment therefore blocking access to items/storage underneath. They usually connect to the 12 volt charger.

Have not tried though, will probably get the Tesla docking charger.

jonathangreene | 1 octobre 2019

thanks. most of the time it will be my wife's phone solo + kid with cable, but good to have a two phone option with the whole family ...

afrim | 1 octobre 2019

I wish there were better options. I hate the idea of losing my large cup holders. The two on the hand rest are too close to each other to hold two Yeti cups. Also very easy to bang your elbow on your drink.

sunsinstudios | 7 octobre 2019

just an update: Tesla docking charger came today - overall it's a 6/10.

It's nice that there are no wires.

It's not so nice that it doesn't fully grip my iPhone X (wish the side spacers were rubber instead of plastic, Also instructions indicate it fits a iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s - old). The connector into the usb is bulky (my scan disk USB drive is smaller so I feel it could have been made smaller). Also, I wish the the flip cover tilted more because its hard to see the phone when it's plugged in. Doesn't support cases if you use one.

Yeah overall a 6/10.