V10 - 2019.32.11 observations...

V10 - 2019.32.11 observations...

1) Sentry mode - I got 2019.32.11 Tuesday night and then on Wed I started getting the error "Sentry mode has turn off due to a sentry system error". Then Wed night I got another update 2019.32.11.1. I was hoping for a fix but I am still getting this error. Anyone else getting this?

2) I noticed that autopilot is behaving a little different now. It is slightly adjusting its position inside the lane. Before is was always dead center. But now it moves little to one side of the lane and then the other side. What I noticed is that when a car is in the right hand lane(centered, not coming close to the stripe) and it is about 5-10 ft ahead of me(in the lane next to me), AP will move the car slightly to the left side of my lane. The same holds true for cars that are in the left lane and are about 5-10 ft ahead AP will move me to the right. I don't see this when cars are on both sides. The cars are not changing lanes for this to occur.


jimglas | 3 octobre 2019

I swear my car avoided a pothole today on AP

Jackman | 3 octobre 2019

I notice the same thing, but only when approaching semi trucks does it veer away. I don't like the feature, the lane movements are too abrupt and if the speed of the truck closely matches my MX speed, then the MX weaves back and forth in the lane. Another idea that needs work.
Oh yeah, when do we get stop sign/light recognition?