V10 update

V10 update

So we have a 2019 Model 3 Performance AWD and a 2016 Model S 70D. From what I've read, the update varies by region. What's strange is the Model S updated two days ago but the Model 3 still is on V9. Any reason why one would update but the other hasn't? They live in the same garage and are both on the same WiFi network every night. We are in Northern Colorado and my friends in Denver and Colorado Springs who own Model 3s have updated to V10. Right now, I'm exercising patience, but wondering if it might need a reset. Thoughts? TIA.

teslamazing | 12 octobre 2019

What’s your update delivery preference set to?

Leonidas | 12 octobre 2019


teslamazing | 12 octobre 2019

Odd. Maybe Tesla support can push update. I’d ask.

M3phan | 12 octobre 2019

Use your Tesla app, under Schedule service screen, select software update. That should get it pushed to you

Leonidas | 12 octobre 2019

M3phan, I just did that. Thanks for the tip. I certainly I don't have to drive 1:15 to get done at the service center (it scheduled the soonest available appointment - 4 Nov). Will keep you all updated.

M3phan | 12 octobre 2019

Cool. That got one pushed to me in 24 hours earlier this year.

Tesla2018 | 13 octobre 2019

I already did the V10 update but now it says a Navigation one needs to be downloaded. I dont have wifi but live near a service center and usually can connect to their wifi and get the update. When I tried it last night nothing happened. It didnt show the task bar updating or even saying it was downloading. I waited about half an hour. For V10 a week earlier, I played a game for about 20 minutes and then it showed it was about 50% done and then after another 15 minutes, it was downloaded and I got the screen saying to set an installation.

How long does it normally take to download an update after connecting to wifi?

timlwake | 13 octobre 2019

I tried the update service trick (it worked before) but I got a text message the next day saying they won't update on demand and canceled the appt. I have it parked in my garage with good Wifi set to advance but nothing...

EVRider | 14 octobre 2019

@Tesla2018: I don’t think there’s a “normal” amount of time to download an update once connected to WiFi. It depends on the size of the update, WiFi bandwidth, possibly Tesla server load, etc.

dpseawolfe | 14 octobre 2019

I have been on a road trip for the last 3 weeks and not connected to wifi. Got home 2 days ago (10/12/19) and connected to wifi. Switched to Advanced for download. nothing has happened yet. The download status bar has not indicated anything downloaded. Is there some setting I need to set to initiate the download?

tytanick | 14 octobre 2019

I got update after car beeing connected to wifi whole night while charging.
After that week later i got second update and then day after that third update :P
I also like 10 times daily entered Software page.