Ownership transfer: “contact us” not working

Ownership transfer: “contact us” not working


I am a total Tesla n00b, just purchased my first Model 3 DLR- which is not that that easy in Poland at all. It is not a Tesla direct market and you need to perform some not cheap acrobatics to get it from Berlin via a dealer.

The car is finally here, successfully registered. Now I am trying to get it transferred to my Tesla account: in order to do that I have tried to follow steps on Tesla Account Support page. The “contact us” link does not work properly. I tried Safari and Chrome on a PC, Mac and my iPhone. The message is simple: too many redirects. Clearing cookies does not help.

Pls help. Do you know any other way to reach Tesla Customer Service in Europe?

P.S. the car is still so great (more like: the Tesla brand is so great, the car is great too).

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teslas | 11 décembre 2019


I have same problem!

I am very disappointed by Tesla's approach to pairing the account with the vehicle. I bought a new car for 90,000 euros and in 10 days no one even bothered to reply to my email. The car has a number of problems (update does not work, weak wifi signal, all the videos from the on-board camera and sentry are only 595 bytes long, I did not repair the windscreen washer myself). On the helpline they told me that the pairing couldn't speed up. I regret buying Tesla

jimglas | 11 décembre 2019

teslas is the latest FUD troll