When NoAP Misses Its Exit

When NoAP Misses Its Exit

So this happened to me for the first time. I was riding on NoAP to work and it tried to take its usual exit off the freeway. Unfortunately some wanker was blocking the exit lane and it could not get over. Rather than take control, I just let it go to see what would happen.

1) The car decided it could not safely exit, it turned off the signal and proceeded to the next exit.
2) At first it struggled to recalculate in time and switched form NoAP to plain old AP (POAP?)
3) Then it recalculated the route, returned to NoAP and took me a different way.

All in all it worked fine, but the recalculation speed needs to be a bit better.

Thought it was worth sharing since I have not encountered this situation in any of the ~1,000+ trips on NoAP.

82bert | 16 octobre 2019

Nice. I’ve never let it just carry on, so good to hear from someone else what it does in this situation.

bddaughe | 16 octobre 2019

The reconfigured a portion of interstate at one of the exits I take a lot. Now, there is an extra exit lane and Google maps doesn't know it yet. So my car always misses that exit. Not because it's busy but because it's in the wrong lane and doesn't realize that until too late. It's been several months, so not sure when Google maps will catch up. Will be nice when navigation doesn't rely on any data from google maps and reads street signs instead.

leo33 | 16 octobre 2019

That's pretty reasonable fallback behavior.

There's one exit on a frequent route that I take that NoA has only gotten right one time. With each new firmware update I give it a try, and submit a bug report when it misses the exit. Its a pretty complicated section of freeway with recently completed major construction work, so I can see why it has a hard time.

Other than that section of freeway, NoA has been working very well for me.

leo33 | 16 octobre 2019

@bddaughe That could be the very same exit I was talking about.

bddaughe | 17 octobre 2019

There are two for me in Indiana near Indianapolis. One is County Line road exit between Greenwood and Indianapolis. The other is I-465. Where is yours?

dh91108 | 17 octobre 2019

I don't get much luck on NoAP. I would say out of the 10 times I've tried, I had to take over maybe 8 times.

vmulla | 17 octobre 2019

This happens to me about 10% of the time. It has more to do with the area you drive in - it's not a reflection on the car's capabilities. If the car can't make a safe move because of the road conditions that's a good thing.

jjgunn | 17 octobre 2019

Had it happen once but I took control.

Cool story bro!

drrock75k | 17 octobre 2019

I generally prefer to move over toward exit lane much sooner than NoAP and so take control. Often there is an on-ramp with traffic merging into my off-ramp that the car does not seem to take into account. I don't like waiting until the last few seconds to see if it will make it or not.

cmh95628 | 17 octobre 2019

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

wayne | 17 octobre 2019

There is no reason I can think of to prevent the car from getting into the correct lane for the exit in a timely manner. This should be east to correct.

leo33 | 17 octobre 2019

@bddaughe I guess they're not the same exit. Mine is over on the west side of the country, in the PNW. But it's probably caused by out of date map data too. From what I've read, the map/gis data isn't completely controlled by Tesla, so they may be limited in what they can do. Of course faster geo data updates would be nice. But I have to say that having FSD for a year now, I'm pretty impressed with how NoA and AP have been improving in general.

TexasBob | 17 octobre 2019

@wayne "There is no reason I can think of to prevent the car from getting into the correct lane for the exit in a timely manner. This should be east to correct."

What happened in this case is that the car positioned itself in the correct lane about 1 mile before the exit (does this every day). The exit lane is a pretty short combination exit / entrance lane from the feeder road. The car attempted to slow and had its signal on. A person who pulled into that lane entering the freeway then decided not to enter the freeway but instead sped up next to me and took the exit, thereby blocking the car's path. It is a fairly complex interchange with four right exits in the space of ~1,000 feet (an eastbound feeder road, an westbound flyover, and eastbound flyover, followed by a northbound feeder).

Here's a link if you want to see where it was

wayne | 18 octobre 2019

No interchanges like that around here (Boulder). Hard to manage for a human driver.

StephanNC | 18 octobre 2019

Interesting. Glad to hear it recovered from that missed exit nicely. Think about it this way: every time it misses an exit or you have to take over you can be assured that data from that event is sent back home for analysis and AI updates in the next NoA update.