Sentry mode

Sentry mode

Good day. I have a (May/June manufactured)'17 MX 100D, AP 2.0. How does Sentry mode work on this model and how do we get a copy of the recordings? Not been able to figure this out. Thank you in advance.

COrich | 25 octobre 2019

Sentry mode does not work on the early model X. You need the 2.5 version of the MCU (media control unit) to get it which didn't show up until mid 2018.

paositra | 25 octobre 2019

thanks for the info, can the MCU updated or this is a hardware issue?

ratchet | 25 octobre 2019

I have a April 2017 X and Sentry Mode can be turned on but the MCU will not support storing video to a local USB drive. I understand that Tesla can get to the video for a limited time if an alarm is activated. Rumor has it that if you paid for Full Self Driving, you should eventually be able to get the MCU upgraded (based on a Tweet from Elon) that might support local storage of Sentry Mode video but rumors also indicate that even the new MCU will not support the DashCam function because the cameras are black/white while the new models have color cameras. | 26 octobre 2019

Ok, a bit of confusion here. There is MCU1, MCU2, and HW2.0, HW.2,5 and HW3.0 (relating to the AP processor).

The AP processor needs to be HW2.5 or later to get dashcam features. MCU1 or MCU2 does not matter. Tesla has also stated that HW2.0 cars that get a HW3.0 upgrade (which occurs if you buy FSD), also does NOT get a dashcam. HW2.0 has monochrome cameras, except for the rear, and maybe one reason Tesla is not going to provide the dashcam features to these older cars.

MCU1 can be upgraded to MCU2 for about $2500, but it will not add the dashcam feature.

Here's a more extensive article I wrote on MCU and the AP processor, versions and dates: