New service feature in CT

New service feature in CT

Last week I stopped in a Supercharger in Connecticut.A Tesla van pulled in shortly afterwards and came over,asking if all was well with the vehicle.He stated he had parts to fix some problems on the spot,but made an appointment for me.... my voice control just says try again all the time...He told me they were trying something new, I was the first customer..
While I was there, he went from car to car offering his service.I stopped twice that week after some trips an he was still there. Nice surprise.....

jordanrichard | 26 octobre 2019

Which charger was this at? I am in CT. Their Mobile service is in vans but also they have a couple of modified S’s

Putt Putt | 28 octobre 2019

This was in the Milford mall superchargers. Saw a few getting appointments set up for them... he walks around with a connected laptop...

jordanrichard | 28 octobre 2019

Interesting.....very interesting.

DRFLGD | 28 octobre 2019

That would make sense, given the proximity to the SC.

tes-s | 28 octobre 2019

That is probably why it took me two days to get an appointment - they are out drumming up business. :)

jordanrichard | 29 octobre 2019

DRFLGD, it would if it was people from Milford...... The Mobile Team is a separate organization/division.

TabascoGuy | 29 octobre 2019

Wouldn't the mobile service tech still have to work with the SC for parts and supplies?

jordanrichard | 30 octobre 2019

Yes, they would but form a managerial standpoint, they don't work for the service center manager. I will also venture to guess that they may have another storage facility for parts because Milford is in Southern CT and heading North/north eats the next nearest service center is in Warwick RI. So I don't see them wasting time driving back and for the all the way to Milford to get parts for jobs they have in Northern CT. Pure speculation on my part of course but they may as I said, have a parts stash in a some non-descript facility in an industrial park, elsewhere in the state.

tes-s | 30 octobre 2019

I seem to remember a discussion about the mobile guys having inventory at their homes - and having parts sent for upcoming service visits directly to them.

Putt Putt | 30 octobre 2019

The mobile guy who came and worked on my car said he was from the Milford service center....

His van even had a cover to work on a car in the

jordanrichard | 30 octobre 2019

Well, the Milford service center is literally 1-1.5 miles from the CT Post Mall chargers. It certainly wouldn’t be a stretch for them to pop on over to the mall.