Chrome Delete Recommendation?

Chrome Delete Recommendation?

Hello, has anyone purchased a chrome delete kit for all the chrome around the windows? I want to wrap them in black or carbon fiber look if possible. If so, where can I purchase the kit from and how did the quality turn out? Thank you!

Pg3ibew | 30 octobre 2019

There are many different kits to use. I am currently doing a chrome delete. I am using 3m tape. ordered from Amazon. I will see if I can link you.

hamiltonlaird | 30 octobre 2019

Nikola Pro - ... pretty straightforward DIY as long as you take your time

Devilstower | 30 octobre 2019

I went with the Nikola Pro kit and was happy with that -- though I swapped out the door handles for Nikola's paint-matched gray color.

sroh | 30 octobre 2019

Nikola Pro and Kenriko offer full kits.

Imho Nikola Pro is easier to install because of the perforated backing. Plus you don't have to remove the mirrors. Kenriko has great kits also.