Looking fo buy jump seats for my 2017 Model S 70

Looking fo buy jump seats for my 2017 Model S 70

Hi is anyone selling jump seats for a 2017 model S?

Ken | 2 novembre 2019

Hi is any selling jump seats for a 2017 Model S

murphyS90D | 3 novembre 2019

You can't just install the jump seats. There is an additional bar behind the rear bumper to make it a lot stronger. Without that bar there is no protection for the kids in the jump seats.

Mathew98 | 3 novembre 2019

Not to mention the retaining brackets to hold the jump seast in place. And there's the issue of digging a hole on the floor of the trunk to hide the jump seats and fold them flat into the floor. | 3 novembre 2019

I think the floor hole is on all our cars, so that may work - but other changes are not easy to overcome.

Another difference is there is a child accessible electric hatch release button, as the one on the lip of the hatch is not accessible when closed. I think it automatically disables when you are not parked. This would also be very difficult to add.

akikiki | 3 novembre 2019
pete | 3 novembre 2019

All that being said which is true, I’ve removed my jump seats from my car and I would sell them.
What are you willing to pay?

My contact is

Ken | 4 novembre 2019

I don’t know now if it is possible to install them?

Mathew98 | 4 novembre 2019

@tes-s - You don't have any kids that could fit back there.

Objectivity skewed?

tes-s | 4 novembre 2019

I didn't say anything about my kids.

Cat? maybe. Dog? probably not. Kids? nope.

I'm simply passing on what I would do. Others are free to do as they please.

Tran2Tran | 5 novembre 2019

I have a set for sell. It is still in my 2012 Model S. Basically new