Buying one?

Buying one?

Hey guys I need your thoughts on trading in a tesla 75d facelift with ap1 that has not been activated yet for a model 3 performance?

NKYTA | 4 novembre 2019

Model 3 P sounds like a dream.

More info?

Anthony J. Parisio | 5 novembre 2019

I vote yes!

rdevdyuk | 5 novembre 2019

It will cost me about 5-9000$ to do it someone help me out this is hard I love the way the s looks!

PatientFool | 5 novembre 2019

i would find that similarly hard since i much prefer the way the S looks and it's form factor (hatch back, more storage). i think though that you'll be happy either way. have you driven a model 3 P? might sway you one way or another.

TSLC | 5 novembre 2019

That is a hard no for me. The P3D is more expensive today than what I paid for my inventory AP2 S75D on a cost adjusted basis and was significantly more at the time when I purchased. It has a nerfed warranty in comparison, has no hatch, has half the storage capacity, has no included Supercharging, only gets 1/3 of the federal incentive today, has significantly lower curb appeal, a louder cabin, and no real dash with cheaper feeling interior appointments in a higher interest rate environment. There is virtually no situation where I am dissatisfied with the four second to sixty performance of the S75D.

It could make sense for some, especially if you are not happy with the S, simply need more range or care about the Supercharging speed rate. The other consideration is that it is equipped with a fair amount of new features based on the updated hardware that are not present on AP1.

It is very costly to swap cars in less than five years of ownership and many 350V variants are under water currently if purchased in the last few years. Adding 5-9K to the price of a P3D sounds like a terrible idea. I could do it and probably save 5-7K and still won't. Proceed carefully...

rdevdyuk | 5 novembre 2019

TMS what would you do if you were me with an ap1 car

nukequazar | 5 novembre 2019

Tough one... 3 is smaller, easier to park, etc., handles more like a sport sedan. If you have a sunroof, you cannot get one on the 3. No FUSC. You would get more AP but understand that FSD is not likely to happen the way Elon is promising. I highly doubt our cars will be robo-taxis next year. If I were you I would take an extended test drive in a 3, and then keep or trade depending on which one you like driving better. That's the bottom line.

Tldickerson | 5 novembre 2019

I have a 2016 with AP1 and love it.

Bighorn | 5 novembre 2019

Way too many unanswered variables. I have an AP0 Model S and a P3D- and I love them both. Would your 3 have free supercharging for life? Do you travel? Do you want to "drive it yourself" or look forward to increasing autonomy? Are you almost out of warranty? I've never entertained a trade in because of the poor valuation from Tesla, but I have many, many miles.

TSLC | 5 novembre 2019

I would honestly compare the feature set and ask what is the driver behind the change for you. If you don't have or use AP currently the newer version is not a valid reason to change in my opinion. On the other hand, basic Autopilot functionality is now standard on all new cars so that could be a gain for you over your current situation.

AP1 is capable and covers the bulk of what makes a Tesla different from other cars. I would not change for that reason alone. HW3 on the P3D will offer dash cam functionality, Sentry mode recording, a faster interface with the newer single MCU, Dog Mode, high resolution video games, along with Netflix/Hulu/Youtube streaming ect. AP2 or better activated offers summon, smart summon, automatic lane changes, NoA...

I'd do the math, determine what I truly cared about in the car and wait if I could not justify the cost move.

Anthony J. Parisio | 5 novembre 2019

If you were saying 100 D or a Model 3 then I would say 100 D. However a Ap1 Model S or a new Model 3 with all the new tech possibilities no brainer, Model 3!

rdevdyuk | 5 novembre 2019

Thoughts on trading my brand new 75d for a used 75d with 20k miles for about 5k

Anthony J. Parisio | 6 novembre 2019

rdevdyuk why?

rdevdyuk | 6 novembre 2019

To get ap2 hardware and all that

Anthony J. Parisio | 6 novembre 2019

But if you have a new 75 D then how do you not have all the new tech?

TSLC | 6 novembre 2019

..."brand new" to him

Anthony J. Parisio | 6 novembre 2019


rdevdyuk | 6 novembre 2019

no i ment that i bought the car brand new in 2016 with like 6 miles on it

2015P90DI | 6 novembre 2019

Been there, done that. For my tastes, I learned my less. M3 lasted 8 months, but couldn't wait to get out of it after the first few weeks. Now back in a Model S and happy again. All depends on what's important to you in your car.

The M3 is half the price, but the quality shows it. Certainly not as refined. It feels like a much cheaper car. Ride quality is on the sporty side, so if you don't mind the stiffer ride. Interior much noisier on the 3 than the S. For me, I desperately missed the user friendliness features the S has that the 3 doesn't have. Auto trunk, auto door handles, a simple glove box button. An extra stalk, two extra buttons so you don't have to do everything on the center screen. Center gauge cluster allows full use of the center screen, rather than 1/3rd of it being chewed up in the 3 for driver information that would normally be behind the steering wheel.

All things to consider and determine what you need/want out of car. Ultimately, you're the only one that can decide.

2015P90DI | 6 novembre 2019

"learned my lesson"

danbry39 | 6 novembre 2019

It's all up to you. Have you taken a P3 for a test ride? Definitely do that. We have an S and a three. For me, nothing but an S will do (if I can afford it), but my wife and daughter prefer the 3. Same bloodline, but they drive and feel very differently on the road. The three is a spirited beast, but I like to spontaneously grab the fob and go out on a long day trip, for which i prefer the stately ride of the S. Honestly, I feel insulated from the outside world in the S and more directly connected to it in the 3.

Still, the technological advantages of the 3 are significant, especially to the vintage of your S.

Both cars are absolutely amazing.

rdevdyuk | 6 novembre 2019

Yes I did drive the p3 but what you guys thinking about me selling my car and adding about 5k maybe less to upgrade to a 75d or 90d with ap2 but fsd not enabled just regular ap with the new cameras power lift gate better sound and air suspension