wind noise

wind noise

when I'm driving above 55, like around 65, the wind noise in my Model 3 is very loud.
All the windows are shut.
I'm surprised such a well designed car has such an aerodynamcs issue.

Any suggestions?

Magic 8 Ball | 15 novembre 2019

Does not sound louder than other cars to me. Since it has electric drive the quietness of the drivetrain seems to make others noises like wind and road noise stand out more. With such a kick ass stereo who cares?

jebinc | 15 novembre 2019


Hello and welcome. My LR AWD is quiet. It was build in late June of this year. I did install this $35 kit the day after taking delivery. Mainly, just to prevent the door sills from getting wet and dirty. Any noise reduction would be a bonus.

Tesla has been continually making improvements to reduce noise intrusion into the cabin. One area discussed on the Tesla Motors Club Forum is how the M3 parcel shelf has evolved. Early cars had a large gaping hole in the parcel shelf. A little later, owners found that Tesla inserted a fibrous plug in there. When took delivery in June, that area evolved further - the parcel shelf is now solid metal. Below is a post on TMC that includes pictures. Read above and below this post to see the evolution of the parcel shelf.

I also added a truck garnish to finish the look. Got it for cheap on ebay. Several are mentioned in the thread linked above.

When was your 3 built? Tire pressure?

jebinc | 15 novembre 2019


Forgot to include the Amazon link for the $35 kit mentioned in my post above.

vincelorto | 15 novembre 2019

I had thr same problem. When your drivers window is rolled up, is it flush with the puller? If not the noise is probably coming from there. Next time you drive it, put your hand over it to see if it diminishes and report back

jebinc | 15 novembre 2019


Another thought... you could a misaligned window or door seal. One way to test this is to use blue painters tape on the suspect areas/side/top of the car. There are several videos out there for reference.

M3phan | 15 novembre 2019

@ cmdred, technically the aerodynamics are not negatively affecting the car as it’s one of the most slippery cars out there.

cmdred | 25 novembre 2019

OK folks thanks for the suggestions... I'll try them and get back to you. PS: My car was delivered mid August 2019.

1LuckyGuy | 25 novembre 2019

@Jebinc, how does that kit work for you? Is it that noticeable?

vmulla | 25 novembre 2019

I suggest you read a few more threads. There's lots of info from folks who tried these products.

1LuckyGuy | 25 novembre 2019

vmulla, I suggest you not be such a dick.

Pg3ibew | 26 novembre 2019

Trade the car in. Get rid of it. It sucks.

derotam | 26 novembre 2019

1LuckyGuy: Nice to meet you Pot.

1LuckyGuy | 27 novembre 2019

@derotam GFY. The OP was asking an honest question and there is NOT a search tool, so wtf is the guy supposed to do? Scroll through dozens of pages hoping he finds a buried answer? There is NO need to be smug and "suggest" someone read through all of these. If you take the time to reply with THAT, take the time to answer the guys question like a nice person does.

NKYTA | 27 novembre 2019

The electric motor drive is much quieter than an ICE.

My 2012 has had seals redone to reduce wind noise.

Not noticing in wifes 3.