$155 now to diagnose rattles

$155 now to diagnose rattles

My dash has made noises since Tesla replaces the dash for a defect at receipt of the car. Cracking sounds are made when the dash cools from turning on after being in hot sun. After trying to fix this issue, the dash started rattling on the right side and then after two weeks, shifted to the left side. Now Tesla is charging $155 to diagnose! The dash from hell. Surprising to see that Tesla is charging customers for fixing quality issues due to poor engineering or poor assembly. This concerns me since I have substantial investments in this company and if this is the approach they take with customers, it could make it difficult to ramp sales. Tesla - listening? You need to fix your quality issues and not turn AC smells and rattles into a revenue stream.

M3phan | 18 novembre 2019

I assume that if they find legitimate rattles that they can address the diagnosis fee is not charged?
I can also see why they would add a fee that is relatively high, to discourage OCD rattle hunters from bringing their car in for every little thing that most people wouldn’t worry about.
Not that your dash is a non-issue, it sounds like something they’ll be able to easily diagnose and fix, and therefore you wouldn’t be charged the diagnosis fee ultimately. Anyway, I’d ask him about that.

rxlawdude | 18 novembre 2019

If they don't address rattles and creaks (at least for the first 12mo/12Kmiles) under warranty, that's a problem! But if they have a diagnostic charge if they can't find the reported problems, that's indeed to keep the OCD from the SvCs. :-)

Pg3ibew | 18 novembre 2019

Are rattles and creaks covered by other manufacturers?

lilbean | 18 novembre 2019

I would be rattled if they charged me that much!

CST | 18 novembre 2019

I miss the days of in-garage tire rotation free-of-charge by Rangers...
hmmm... just remembered that I have a visit tomorrow morning by one - I wonder if they'll bring HW3 along...

M3phan | 18 novembre 2019

My mobile tech appt next week is for HW3 specifically. Pumped!

thedrisin | 18 novembre 2019

@Pg3ibew. Yes.

Sarah R | 18 novembre 2019

RPM Tesla has a great video on how to install their aftermarket dashboards. You don't need to buy an RPM Tesla dashboard, but the video is a perfect tutorial on how to remove and replace the dashboard. If it's rattling, try reinstalling it. You never know. You might get lucky and actually fix it.

gballant4570 | 18 novembre 2019

M3phan, did you initiate this, or were you contacted by Tesla about it?

Pg3ibew | 19 novembre 2019

@thedrisen, interesting. Could you possibly quote me a page # in the Tesla warranty that say rattles and creaks are covered by the warranty? Thanks.

M3phan | 19 novembre 2019

@ gballant4570, I read an article on Teslarafi (, where a model X owner in Canada initiated it through his app, and Tesla followed through with it sending him a mobile tech. After reading that I thought I’d give it a go, and requested my appointment through the mobile app. It went through, Tesla scheduled the date, and I got an appointment set at my house with a mobile tech to upgrade my computer. I also got both a text and email confirmation.
Granted, they may last minute cancel it and send another text saying my car isn’t ready for upgrading yet, but we shall see.

M3phan | 19 novembre 2019

Also, I’ve heard/read it’s prioritized by VIN, so maybe my timing is just luck and my VIN is due.

foodking | 19 novembre 2019

Ask if you can keep the old MCU. Can't see them taking it back for core costs

LostInTx | 19 novembre 2019

Having had rattles, I'll share how Tesla managed mine.

At 29,000 miles and after 15 months of ownership, I had Tesla replace my tires, do a 4 wheel alignment, replace cabin filters, clean the evaporator, investigate gurgling sound in A/C and investigate rattles. They explained that if the rattles fall outside specs (?), they'll charge labor and material.

Concern: Customer states that there is a gurgling noise coming from the AC when it is initially turned on.
Removed and replaced driver side A/C Vent Actuator Assembly and verified that noise is no longer present.

Correction: A/C Odor Removal (Using Evaporator Foam Cleaner, Replace Cabin Filters)

Concern: Rattles and creaks.

Road tested vehicle and checked for multiple noises from described areas. Removed and inspected A-pillar panels.
Insulated and secured mounting clips and fasteners. Checked for looseness in rear parcel shelf and added insulation as needed. Allowed vehicle to cool down, then road tested again to check for noises.

Tesla was very fair, charged a reasonable fee and the car is now far more solid and quiet. If rattles and creaks are a concern, they'll make it right. That's all I can ask..

M3phan | 19 novembre 2019

@ gballant4570, and the other shoe dropped… Tesla just canceled my in app appointment for HW3 upgrade, confirming what others have noted that it’s basically “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” ; )