Problems with Premium Connectivity with latest update

Problems with Premium Connectivity with latest update

I have a brand new S that was just updated with the latest version of software (10) but when navigating, traffic and satellite view are missing. The software was re-installed but these features are still missing. Service is stumped and said to just wait for the next update. Anyone else have this issue? (Version 2019.36.21.ee22ad)

EVRider | 19 novembre 2019

Are you seeing cellular service when these features are missing? Did you try rebooting? I assume you meant 36.2.1.

Reds Tesla | 19 novembre 2019

Cell service works with all other "Premium" features such as netflix, spotify, streaming, etc. Did a soft re-boot and re-installed software. Service was stumped and wondered if others were experiencing this.

Ahsan.mazumdar | 19 novembre 2019

For reference, I have SW version 2019.36.2.1 that was installed last week. Everything is working fine.

Reds Tesla | 19 novembre 2019

Not good! I have the same version software. I suspect I am not getting the full Premium Connectivity but Tesla can't figure out why. Not sure where to go with this one. It's hard to believe this is a hardware problem. Will wait and see if anyone else reports this.

packpike | 19 novembre 2019

Hey Red, just a shot in the dark, but do you have those special characters in your Tesla's name like you do in your username here? Those special characters have been causing some problems in some recent updates, so if you do, rename your car to something 'normal', reboot and see what happens.

catalin | 19 novembre 2019

I'm having the exact same issue - Premium connectivity working for music streaming, Netflix etc., but Traffic and Satellite View icons missing, on a new S. Escalated to Tesla Support, no resolution yet.

catalin | 19 novembre 2019

Just got this resolved, seems to be a config issue on the Tesla side. I initially opened a mobile service appointment. After going back and forth via text messages with someone from Tesla service (and having the mobile service appointment rescheduled), I just got a text minutes ago that 'it looks like there was an issue with the configuration. I just got confirmation that it was updated. [...] You might have to perform a scroll wheel reset before the display changes.". I started seeing the 2 icons immediately after the 2 button reset - and both satellite and traffic info show up properly. I suggest you open a support ticket with them to get it addressed and maybe referenced that someone else had the same problem and it was resolved as a configuration issue on the Tesla side.

Reds Tesla | 19 novembre 2019

Thank you for some great comments. It sounds like I have the same problem as Catalin. I have a service appointment in two weeks, and just put in a support ticket. Did Tesla resolve this over the air with you, or did you have to bring it into a service center?

catalin | 19 novembre 2019

Over the air, and didn't require any software update on my end. I copy-pasted parts of my text communication with Tesla Service above (in quotes). I went to my car about 15 minutes after receiving the text and those 2 icons showed up immediately after a 2-button reset. There's probably some software switch in their backend that they forgot to toggle. Those 2 options are linked to Premium Connectivity per the Model S user manual, and I assume my settings were along the lines of 'partial premium'.

EVRider | 19 novembre 2019

It's odd that you could lose Premium Connectivity for some features (nav) but not others (streaming music and video). Glad it was sorted out for catalin, and hopefully soon for Red's Tesla.

Reds Tesla | 19 novembre 2019

Thank you for the advice. If there is anyone specific at Tesla you worked with that I can contact, let me know. I put in a support ticket and will reference this chat if they get back to me!

Also, have no idea how my name got all those characters. I registered as Red's Tesla

EVRider | 19 novembre 2019

Try changing your forum name in your account and see if it accepts the apostrophe. The extra characters are an HTML encoding for apostrophe.

rm760 | 19 novembre 2019

I noticed today that streaming was no longer working. It appears that the Tesla login for Slacker has either changed or is not part of the update I received. Contacted the service line and then have confirmed such and are working to correct the issue.

Reds Tesla | 19 novembre 2019

EVRider- Thanks for the forum name suggestion.

Just got 2019 36.2.2 but no change. I know the problem is the configuration of my premium connectivity, but getting someone at Tesla to take responsibility for doing this is to be seen. Very nice service technician at the local delivery center said he would try figure out what they did for Catalin.

EVRider | 20 novembre 2019

@Red’s Tesla: I guess you couldn’t use an apostrophe in your forum name without getting the encoded character.

I suggest using the Request Help link on your vehicle page in My Tesla to report the issue. I’ve had some luck getting Tesla to respond and resolve issues that way.

Reds Tesla | 21 novembre 2019

With great difficulty, I have finally gotten Tesla to acknowledge that my car was shipped with "basic connectivity" not Premium. I love my car, but this company is very user unfriendly! The service center technician wrote to me that this is how the car was shipped, so there is nothing he can do- When you talk with sales, they say it should have come with Premium Connectivity. Bouncing this up to a higher level (a difficult task at Tesla), I finally got a corporate service technician to own the problem and I have been told in the next 24-48 hours an update will happen on my car. They say this is a very rare problem, and if anyone else experiences it to just call the usual Tesla number (888) 518-3752. Thank you for those that helped to identify this problem.

EVRider | 21 novembre 2019

@Red's Tesla: According to the Connectivity FAQ support page (, what you were told by Sales was correct: "For all Model S and Model X cars ordered on or after July 1, 2018, Premium Connectivity will be complimentary for one year after delivery, as well as all Model 3 cars with Premium Interior."

Glad it's finally getting resolved.

rosemary | 21 novembre 2019

@Reds Tesla. — I think that issue is more common than they admit. My model s was delivered on Nov 15th and was broken on delivery. My wife drove it home, but didn’t immediately recognize LTE didn’t work, thus no navigation, traffic, streaming music, voice controls and maybe a few other things. When home, connected to WiFi, but still missing all premium services. Worked with service for 5 days and they finally punted and said bring it in. Today they finally admit I need a whole new computer......on a 5 day old car!!! Sure wished they did testing to make sure things functioned before releasing it to an owner. Now really wondering if I need to punt and call it a lemon.
Appears to be impossible to escalate the issue.

rosemary | 21 novembre 2019

Oh, and forgot to mention that service team admitted it was set to basic not premium on delivery, but 4 attempts to fix it failed. I guess we are now hinging on the fact I need a whole new computer. Kinda sucks to drive a car with a big blank screen.
We are actually embarrassed to tell people we got the car because it is broken and can’t even show them cool stuff!

reddyym | 13 décembre 2019

Having the same issue. Had received 2019.40.2.1 yesterday. Now my default sat view with live traffic updates is no longer available on my Model S. Have LTE and media entertainment works. Any suggestions of how to fix it or do I have to open a service request. Tried rebooting the car with no luck!

Reds Tesla | 13 décembre 2019

It's really too bad that customer service is going down the drain for such a great vehicle. For "Rosemary," did they fix your car. I believe The Lemon law states they have to try 3 times, but if I had a brand new car with that problem I would consider returning it if they couldn't fix it within the 7 day window Tesla allows. Good luck.

loujaycarshop | 22 décembre 2019

I just purchased a Model X with premium connectivity. I am having the same problem. (Satellite View & Traffic Display buttons not on screen) Have not reported to Tesla Support yet, Was looking to see if there was some type of work around that I could self execute. It is appears from these post that there is no quick work around, If I am missing the work around will someone please let me know. Thanks | 22 décembre 2019

@reddyym & @loujaycarshop - have you tried a reboot? It often magically fixes oddities like this, but not always.

bill | 22 décembre 2019

@catalin " suggest you open a support ticket with them"

How do you do that? I have been email and leaving phone messages with tesla to deal with an account issue and no one never returns my email or phone messages. Can a support ticket be tracked?

EVRider | 23 décembre 2019

@loujaycarshop: Are any other Premium Connectivity features working, for example, music or video streaming over LTE? Note that you have to touch the map in order to see the icons.

EVRider | 23 décembre 2019

@bill: I don’t know of any way to create a support ticket, but in the past, if I contacted Tesla via e-mail about an issue and they responded, their reply would have a case reference number in the subject line. Once that happened, they were pretty responsive to any subsequent replies that contained that reference number.

loujaycarshop | 23 décembre 2019

Appreciate the feed back, I am trying to put together a picture of what is exactly going on. The exchanges contained in this thread have been a big help. So, 3 calls to Tesla Service and 3 different online chats: to my question about getting a support ticket #, I was told they track it by the last 6 digits of your VIN. In one phone call I was told because my car is so new there is a "processing time" for everything to be up dated on the vehicle. Then through the course of one chat I was told: "there was a clerical error regarding your connectivity" and that inadvertently an automated process had downgraded my account from premium to standard. I was told an e-mail would be sent to someone at Tesla to have the issue corrected. We'll see if any of this results in a fix.

bill | 23 décembre 2019


I have tried many times to contact Tesla through email and leaving phone messages. They have never responded. It seems Tesla Tech support is no longer a possibility,

NKYTA | 24 décembre 2019

"bill | December 23, 2019

I have tried many times to contact Tesla through email and leaving phone messages. They have never responded. It seems Tesla Tech support is no longer a possibility,"

Do you need someone to hold your hand a bit more??