I am interested with what others are thinking. After watching the presentation, I’d like to see more, especially the inside. I did place my order for $100, no brainer to get in line. Such a drastic shift away from what we have known a truck by appearance. Will the power, capability and tech draw as many orders as the 3?

n7142701886 | 21 novembre 2019

Spec and Price are good, but it looks very ugly.

Bagzzz | 21 novembre 2019

I dropped my hundo. Waiting on more specs. Horsepower? Battery size? Range towing my boat? Will my camper fit? Optional ladder rack? Sound system? Frunk? Mirrors? Running boards? Ability to add my accessories? Wench? ... ...

sbeggs | 22 novembre 2019

Wench? Are you in the market for a wife?

freemarket | 22 novembre 2019

Yeah, the accessories look off the hook. Especially that rear pop up tent. It would really help if they’d release more info on production dates, interior etc.

exevbuilder | 22 novembre 2019

All the nay-sayers can eat there words. The fact is, this truck is disruptive to the norm. It laughs in the face of the establishment. We no longer have to bow to the constraints of design. Even though it takes a page from the Delorean book, it is very viable. It could be FROM the future. IMHO

bob | 22 novembre 2019

+1 exevbuilder - but the unsung true disruption is the price. Personally I can't wait for the battery tech to be revealed. The entry level has to be at least a 90 or 100k battery. The price of the entry level vehicle is about $5k more than the battery cost on of a 2017 MX/MS. That means in about 4 years TSLA has figured out how to cut the battery cost to a fraction of what it was. It's the only explanation for the $39,9k price tag. Regardless of what it looks like... if they can solve simple things like running boards, lumber racks, this will be a no brainer for fleet sales.

nipper2 | 22 novembre 2019

@freemarket @exevbuilder
I love everything about it I placed my order the Spec's are outstanding.

sunsinstudios | 22 novembre 2019

The more I look at it, the more appealing it gets.

I think the rear angle of the truck is what most find unsettling, I'm interested to see how the design gets tweaked - if at all. How does rear visibility work when the vault is closed? Where are the cameras? Will there be any tesla badging?

Overall, I think it is a step in the right direction and very Elon - he has hit the industry with something they can't understand and even worse, underestimate.

To me, it takes a page from the Lamborghini book.

greg.kniseley | 22 novembre 2019

They got my c note—Trading in X and F150 for it. It will get some lipstick on the way to production

greg.kniseley | 22 novembre 2019

They got my c note—Trading in X and F150 for it. It will get some lipstick on the way to production

Weston X90D | 22 novembre 2019

It's only 1 color right?

oldxcskiguy | 22 novembre 2019

Like many others, my first reaction was shock. After pondering it for a day and trying to understand how they arrived at the design, I’m beginning to warm up to it. I really think that it is a giant leap forward in technology. That is where the beauty of this vehicle lies. I’m not sure I’ll ever own a truck, but I may just put down a deposit to show my support. I would love to see a camper van version of this concept.

freemarket | 22 novembre 2019

After looking at my MX with a falcon wing door open in my garage tonight I laughed. Having the truck sitting right next to it makes sense now. The MX took me some time to warm up to it too, but now I really like the look of it, especially rolling around on Very High. It’s a sweet ride. The truck will be off the rails once it hits production. | 23 novembre 2019

@Weston - "It's only 1 color right?"

Yep - bare stainless steel. You can wrap it if you want another color. | 23 novembre 2019

Thinking about color, it might look really cool in all black or camouflage wrap.

lilbean | 23 novembre 2019

Camp wrap would be great!

rossRallen | 23 novembre 2019

With a stiff stainless steel exterior, what about energy-absorption in a front-end collision?

I'm hugely disappointed in the design. The specs and functionality are very attractive. But, the body? I know: it's not like anything else, but it looks cheap especially with those funky fenders. Form didn't follow function here, IMHO.

I've always thought the MS and MX were elegant. And, I like the design of the Tesla Semi.

Who are the customers? The guy who works for a living out of his truck carrying tools and construction supplies? Or, tToy value for esla's traditional base of upper-income enthusiasts? I'd like to see something radical, like Model X did for the SUV, but with more mass-market appeal.

nipper2 | 23 novembre 2019

146,000 reserved in 18 hrs. and counting

freemarket | 23 novembre 2019

Nipper beat me to it. Lol!

jimglas | 24 novembre 2019

I was thinking of a wrap something like this: | 24 novembre 2019

Guess it has mass-market appeal!

Specs seem to far exceed any other truck, with a purchase price directly competitive with ICE trucks. Then there is a massive saving in operating costs. Even if you hated the look, it's crazy to consider any ICE truck for business. Smart consumers will also realize how much cheaper the long term costs are.

Clearly not for everyone, but many love it. One of the more polarizing designs. Then again some people may take a bit of time to come to like and appreciate the design as it is so shockingly different (pun intended).

@rossRallen - I assume Tesla will also design it for safety. My guess is the front has a crumple zone where the front pushes in, just like their other cars.

patswin | 24 novembre 2019

Elon Did confirm it will be available in Matte black as well as other colors. Electrek has an article on it also showing what it might look like in different colors. Personally I think it looks great in white.

info | 24 novembre 2019

I absolutely hated the design when I first saw Tesla's cyber truck. However, when I saw it in matte black, I fell in love with it. I currently own two MX Tesla's. I'm not a pickup guy but something tells me I will be.

Vawlkus | 25 novembre 2019

I want that solar tonneau. A truck that’ll charge itself in a parking lot? Hell yeah.