Cybertruck - suggested change "The MoreDoor"

Cybertruck - suggested change "The MoreDoor"

I totally 'get' the cybertruck. However, there seems to be a major oversight in the design. I don't know if anyone on the development team ever actually owned and used a pickup, especially for work.
If you have then you know that the bed is most often not accessed from the rear, but rather, from the side, particularly the drivers side. In addition you also know that with a large load you often are adjusting the load (or tying it down) from the side. Access from the sides is virtually impossible as the CyberTruck is designed - but this is TESLA we're talking about - innovation is the Tesla trademark!

A weakness of ICE trucks is that the sides, while accessible, are fixed in place. Linked below is a suggestion for how the CyberTruck could not only overcome the present limitation of side access, but actually become advantageous over traditional trucks.

Note that the owner can easily place something like a tool box right behind the rear seat. Best of all - it can be locked and secured - lets see and ICE truck do that! Manipulating or Tying a load down should be simplified as well with the easier access.

The design shouldn't require major changes to the current form. I respect that the material the truck is made from necessitates a rigid structure. Hopefully the cost to make the bedside into what is essentially an extra door is well worth the advantages it will provide to the working man. The charge port could be in a fixed location - the same as the wheel well; and the panel would simply slip back into place allowing for regular driving, charging, and operation of the rear cover.

It may drive the price up a little, but that will be recouped considerably in higher sales due to a more effective design.

In exchange for this profoundly genius idea :) I humbly petition that the feature be called... "The MoreDoor"

NKYTA | 24 novembre 2019

Probably not going to happen if that is part of the exoskeleton.

BadgerErickson | 24 novembre 2019

Naw, the biggest note I see to change is the tail gate having a suspension for the Toyo easy drop. Toolwork and storage is done in drawers now, with HUGER aftermarket inserts for those who want them; contractors and overlanders.

PrescottRichard | 24 novembre 2019

I think that wing (or sail as I’ve seen it referred to) is a storage compartment. While it wasn’t really mentioned there is a slide of 3 pics during the presentation where it certainly appears that way. The Frunk is one of those pics.

herceng130 | 24 novembre 2019

I would actually recommend that the cover for the bed be photovoltaic in order to allow charging while driving. At least as an option.

hcwhy | 24 novembre 2019

Or offer another with an open bed with the "wings" removed/lowered, much like a conventional truck
( having a bit of an angle in the top of the sides of the bed.....from front to keep the design triangular).