A weird thing happened after I reserved the Cybertruck ...

A weird thing happened after I reserved the Cybertruck ...

I had a bunch of anxiety about all the potential negatives prior to putting down my $100 (not that it’s a lot of money, more just the fud Type stuff).

But then I noticed those feelings fade and I started getting excited about having a truck again. I’m fifty and haven’t had the convenience of owning a truck since my twenties. I’ve been a commuter for so long and trucks just don’t make financial sense for those of us with long commutes in heavy traffic. However, an ev truck changes that equation. I won’t have to worry about picking up stuff at Home Depot or having to ask my brother in law to borrow his truck to pick something up. Add on all the cool specs and Tesla technology, supercharging, fsd, etc.

The only remaining issue was that I didn’t love the look. Then I had the idea of tinting the Windows and wrapping it in flat black! It’s going to look like a Batman vehicle!

lilbean | 26 novembre 2019

Congrats! I’m excited and can’t wait for it. It’s going to be so great. Imagine all the ICE truckers hatin’ and they won’t be able to catch up with me. So great!

BadgerErickson | 26 novembre 2019

We're at same life point, but didn't want to buy (2) used trucks for the rest- of- our- lives trucks. I'm looking to a plastic-dip DIY in matte green, someday. REALLY excited about the solar add-on announcement...

Passion2Fly | 26 novembre 2019

yep, solar did it for me... also, hooking it up to my electrical panel via a 240V connection in a blackout... who needs a PowerWall (13.5 kWh...) anymore?? I'm not sure about the maximum output of the truck's 240V outlet... The PowerWall can put 5kW out...

andy.connor.e | 26 novembre 2019

Im in the same boat. I have a solar roof reservation, but the truck can have deployable arrays for ~45 miles per day charging. Might still get the solar roof, but im not sure that the powerwalls are necessary.