Lost Auto jobs:

Lost Auto jobs:

PrescottRichard | 4 décembre 2019

There’s some speculation in there but at least there are sources!

30% less labor to build an electric car? Estimated by Ford and other industry experts (that’s almost a source). Interesting!

andy.connor.e | 4 décembre 2019

Oh didnt realize this was a thread. I dont know why automakers dont see that as the ability to produce 30% more vehicles with the same staffing. Everything is always negative.

jimglas | 4 décembre 2019

I see it as a positive
Its not like we are worried about buggy whip manufacturers

jordanrichard | 4 décembre 2019

I am sure the same articles were written when the car started replacing the horse and buggy trade. No longer would there be a need for stables, blacksmiths, saddle makers, horse feed, etc. etc. etc.

jimglas | 4 décembre 2019

exactly Jordan

Earl and Nagin ... | 4 décembre 2019

Of course, since US automakers are way ahead of their foreign competitors, they will be able to take away jobs from other countries as US manufacturers take market share back.
Besides, its always better to eat your own lunch rather than let someone else eat it. Change is inevitable. who will rule afterward is the only choice.