What the heck, Tesla? I got a notice saying my premium connectivity will end December 31, 2019, unless I start paying 9.99/month! Part of the reason I purchased the car is the connectivity, especially for traffic. There is NOTHING in paperwork for the car that mentions this, either, and I think it should have been mentioned up front. Sheesh, isn't it enough that the car costs as much as it does? | 7 décembre 2019

I remember it being stated that connectivity was for 1 year back in 2012. It was restated a number of times since then, and yet Tesla never started charging for it. Looks like they finally have a system in place to start charging. Where did your contract state connectivity was provided by Tesla for the life of the car?

The $10 is a good price as other automakers are charging 2-3 times as much for fewer features.

Bighorn | 7 décembre 2019

This is not news unless you were living in a hole.

Jcastillo18 | 7 décembre 2019

I’m confused? Are we paying for something new or something we had free for a limited time? I’m 2016 Model S early and not sure in caraoke is an option for me ?

Bighorn | 7 décembre 2019
Jcastillo18 | 7 décembre 2019

Ok so those who bought before June 30, 2018 still get it free? Or do was have to subscribe?

Bighorn | 7 décembre 2019

No need to subscribe. What had been said about your era Model S was that 4 years of connectivity was included. They have yet to make good on that limitation. If they decide to enforce it, we'll be getting an email I suspect. It could be that they don't have the capability to slice and dice the options on older cars, plus many of the newer entertainment features are lacking with our processors.

Tropopause | 7 décembre 2019

I got the email this morning for my Model 3. I specifically remember a 1-year included clause so I’m not surprised.

Jcastillo18 | 7 décembre 2019

Ok thanks bighorn. I don’t mind paying but if I don’t have to why would I ? Lol

SamO | 7 décembre 2019

Use your phone as a hotspot and you get most of the features.

Problem solved.

tes-s | 7 décembre 2019

Do you get traffic with your phone as hotspot?

Mathew98 | 7 décembre 2019

It's called Waze...

Silver2K | 7 décembre 2019

Is $9.99 per month alot?

EVRider | 7 décembre 2019

Details in this support article, which has been there for a while but was just updated: Every question in this thread is answered there.

This change is something Tesla announced 18 months ago and it has been widely discussed in these forums, so it's surprising that some owners didn't seem to know about it. For those of you that didn't know, a suggestion: check these forums and/or the blog sites that cover Tesla once in a while so that you know what's going on. Tesla doesn't communicate very much to owners. For example, Tesla didn't directly contact owners about a temporary sale on FSD early this year, so some owners missed out. Those that checked in here and elsewhere did not.

plugzin | 7 décembre 2019

Would be nice if they would add the ability of the car to act as its own hotspot. Makes it easier for after market dash cam to always be connected, without a separate device. I understand the cars already carry the hardware for this. And I could rationalize a few $ per month for that.

Darthamerica | 7 décembre 2019

How bout that CarPlay!

SamO | 7 décembre 2019

How about you buy a Kia?

jimglas | 7 décembre 2019

as advertised ....

chungylau | 7 décembre 2019

If I use my cellphone as a wifi hotspot, I wonder if I have live traffic visualization without premium connectivity subscription.

Bighorn | 7 décembre 2019

You won’t have live traffic or satellite views. It’s all laid out in the link I keep referring to above.

Mi75d | 7 décembre 2019

Coincidentally, this very month, the free Slacker service has turned to sh*t. Sometimes, it can't find the song at all, and seems to transpose the "song name" field with the "band name". For example, I searched for "play Money by Pink Floyd" and got bands with songs named "New Pink Floyd".

Sometimes, it finds the song name and band, and then resolutely plays every deep cut in every one of its millions of albums and NEVER plays the song you want. In other words, you get "play NOT Money by Pink Floyd".

PBEndo | 8 décembre 2019

Have you tried reverse psychology?

"Play anything but Money by Pink Floyd"

2015P90DI | 8 décembre 2019

Check you Tesla Account online. Under Manage Car. It tells you exactly when your premium connectivity ends.

jerrykham | 8 décembre 2019

For those saying "use your phone as a hotspot" - sure, when you are parked. Others asking if they get live traffic with it - of course not. Haven't you noticed that Tesla immediately turns off the WiFi in the vehicle when it is shifted out of Park into Reverse or Drive? You can only use a phone as a hotspot when parked to get stuff like Slacker, Spotify, and for new enough vehicles, caraoke, Netflix, etc. You can't use it today when driving. Tesla would have to change their software to allow it.

Mathew98 | 8 décembre 2019

That's incorrect. I've use my phone as a hot spot on and off for 6 years. It works fine even while the car is moving. It will auto connect whenever it detects a WiFi signal.

Bighorn | 8 décembre 2019

Yeah, that’s not right since I rely on my hotspot when navigating Canada in my S.

bryan.hopkins | 8 décembre 2019

For those of us that bought CPO, it applies to us:
--All used Tesla cars purchased on or after July 1, 2018 will receive Standard Connectivity and are eligible to upgrade to Premium Connectivity.

My 2015 S 85D has had "premium" connectivity since i purchased it Dec 2018 direct from Tesla. Noticed today on the software screen that I'm being downgraded to standard connectivity as of 12/31/19. I had initially thought since it was a 2015 model that I was grandfathered in. However, it appears that Tesla giveth and Tesla taketh :-)

At any rate, when I took delivery of it, I ask the guy who was showing me the car about connectivity and he told me that it free for a year. Guess he (inadvertently) knew what he was talking about.

Silver2K | 8 décembre 2019

Connecting to hotspot works while driving
I am using that option right now.

SnowFlake | 8 décembre 2019

@silver2k What version of the firmware.?
My 2015 S85D 2019.36.2.7. Shuts off Wi-Fi when gear shifted to drive.

Silver2K | 8 décembre 2019


Silver2K | 8 décembre 2019

After putting car in gear reconnect to hotspot!AihnWpuO55swjpwZtMLTEVwRtnx8Hg

awbi | 8 décembre 2019

The only thing I use is Slacker, am I going to loose that?

Silver2K | 8 décembre 2019

If you don't pay the fee, yes.

s.grot | 9 décembre 2019

Sort of a shame Tesla is incentivizing people to use hand-held devices for infotainment while driving. Can only lead to more fatalities

Silver2K | 9 décembre 2019

I don't think that's the case at all. The cost is minimal considering what others charge for lesser service.

I can't see how someone can purchase such a pricey vehicle and not afford $9.99 a month.

reed_lewis | 9 décembre 2019

Considering the following things:

- In Massachusetts, even holding your phone is going to be illegal
- If you used your cell phone's data plan it would cost more than $10 a month
- All other car companies charge more than the $10 a month

The price is quite reasonable considering that it costs Tesla money to provide this service.

reed_lewis | 9 décembre 2019

@Mi75d - I know this is a thread complaining about paying money for something but...

1. If you pay for a Spotify subscription then you can play pretty much any song over and over again without issue.
2. If you pay for a premium Slacker subscription you can create playlists.

The reason that you are having trouble playing certain songs is because of licensing agreements Slacker has. If they do not have the right to play the song 'on demand' then they will not play it when you ask for it. The licensing agreements change all the time and songs that you could play on demand before are now not available because things change.

As I have said, if you have trouble affording $10 a month for connectivity, then maybe you should either not get it, or sell the car.

rxlawdude | 9 décembre 2019

@Snowflake, while driving, you have to hit "WiFi Settings" and then you can turn WiFi on. Works great.

s.grot | 9 décembre 2019

I’m sure there’s a certain percentage of Tesla owners that will fool around with their hand-held devices while driving to save $10/month; even in Massachusetts

barrykmd | 9 décembre 2019

Premium connectivity should include premium info. They should bring back the green traffic lines for full traffic info if they charge for it.

Bill_75D | 9 décembre 2019

Barry, next you will want a full color map ;-)

Tldickerson | 9 décembre 2019

Barry is right on and the color map would be great too. Thanks Bill for reminding us of how butt ugly are maps are now!

bill | 10 décembre 2019

In BC Canada holding any electronic device in your hand is a fine. Using your cell phone if it is attached to a mount is not. You can text away as long as you are not holding your phone or so I have been told by several people.

Not sure about MA, I moved to Colorado! :)

HighdesertSeth | 14 décembre 2019

@barrykmd I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who misses the green lines for free flowing traffic. Also, the red traffic lines are way too thin to discern while driving.

NKYTA | 14 décembre 2019

@barrykmd curmudgeonishly nailed that one.

barrykmd | 14 décembre 2019

I nail them all, you young whippersnapper, NKYTA. Sometimes the Koolaid clouds your view.

NKYTA | 15 décembre 2019