12 Volt Battery Issues

12 Volt Battery Issues

On 12/4/19 the replacement of the 12v battery cleared up all problems I reported since May 2019 but were never resolved.
1. The key is now being detected in the car. The technician in May said my Tile tracker device was the root cause even though I suggested a 12 volt battery problem. He confirmed that the battery in my vehicle was an older design known to be problematic but he could not replace it under warranty until the message appeared. I removed the Tile tracker but problems still recurred.

2. The charge port is now working — door opens automatically and the wand can be removed with a single press of the button. One technician claimed it was because I needed to hold down the button on the wand. Another told me to just press the door or use the app to open the door.

Previous incident:
On 1/8/18, the battery was replaced and I sent an email to Tesla reporting that several problems were fixed:

Tesla Service ,

I had my 12v battery replaced one day after the first warning message appeared. Replacement resolved three issues that I’ve been working around for a very long time lessening my enjoyment of my vehicle:

1. The button on my High Power Wall Charger nozzle would not open the charging port. I had to press the left side of the port to get it open.

2. My car wouldn’t recognize key fobs until I took them out and either put it in the cup holder or press buttons on the fob a few times. This made managing the doors, frunk, and trunk difficult to manage. I used to be able to leave my fob in a pocket or in my purse and it would be recognized. I told the service center that I suspected the fob issue was related to the 12V. After the battery was replaced, they noticed that the fob problem (which they also observed) was gone.

3. My phone's Bluetooth connection is finally working consistently in my garage. My garage was the only place it would have a problem. I complained to Tesla months ago but they had no resolution. I tried many things — toggling WiFi, adding a repeater — to no avail. I needed to exit my garage before using my phone. Now I can finish phone calls and listen to tunes on my phone when I arrive home in my car.

If a customer complains about issues and you are unable to resolve them, just replace the 12 volt battery.

SnowFlake | 8 décembre 2019

I will have to try this as well to resolve the summon issue

TommyT | 9 décembre 2019

Funny you should bring this up. 85D owner since Mar. '15 and still have original 12V. Three days ago the dashboard said "TPMS Failure" and both resets did not clear it. The next day the warning went away and the dashboard properly reported pressures on all four tires. The following day the warning was back again and seems to be a permanent fixture. Given the age of my 12V I was already thinking that this might be a mysterious symptom of eminent 12V demise. Anyone else think I should simply request a 12V replacement?

Anthony J. Parisio | 9 décembre 2019

I would.

Anthony J. Parisio | 9 décembre 2019

I would.

jordanrichard | 9 décembre 2019

Tommy, while it may seem connected, but if there was an issue with your 12v, you would have received a "Your 12v battery needs replacing", or something like that. It's been almost 2 years since I got the msg and had the battery replaced.

Beryl | 13 décembre 2019

Tommy, I would attempt to have Tesla replace the battery if you are still under warranty. The warning did not appear for months after all of the problems appeared on my vehicle. I was fortunate to get a service rep willing to replace mine before the error message appeared — days before my 4 year warranty expired. One rep disclosed that my previous battery replacement was not with one of the newer batteries with fewer reported issues.

Even if you aren’t under warranty, replacing the battery might save you aggravation.

sbeggs | 14 décembre 2019

Suddenly hungry. Flagged.

AERODYNE | 14 décembre 2019 could be failing TPMS or even a bad ground connection. If you are not getting a 12v battery low warning, I would not assume that batt is bad. Use a cig lighter style voltmeter to see the SOC of the 12V. Standby should be over 13, charge at over 14v.