Regen. not very good in my 2019 S

Regen. not very good in my 2019 S

I just took my 2019 model S in for some repair issues. One issue I have been having was that my regen was very unstable and often didn't even work. When I took it in to the Tesla service center today, the attendant told me that they knew of the problem and that they had gotten in at least 20 other 2019 model S owners this week with the same problem. He then went on to tell me that there was no fix for the problem. Apparently the system was designed that way after the 2018 models because they found the aggressive regen on the previous model years was having a bad effect on the drive train in the cars.

Has anyone else been told the same...thoughts?

Boonedocks | 9 décembre 2019

Not at all. The new 2019 Raven refresh Model S’ have the strongest regen yet. Even brings the car to a complete stop. The only regen issue I have ever experienced is when the battery is cold soaked or charged above ~>90%.

What you are describing is definitely not what the new Raven updates should exhibit